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With a wealth of technical and consultancy expertise to our name, we offer our clients a complete and integrated range of products and solutions.

Our innovation-led approach, together with our operating methods and technical certifications, make us a partner you can count on. We always work directly with our clients, to devise and design sturdy solutions that can evolve and adapt as they grow. Banking and financial institutions, manufacturers, service companies, utilities and communications firms, large-scale retailers, and public authorities are just some of the clients who use AD Consulting for their IT governance, security, and software engineering needs.

With four branches - located in Modena, Milan-Vimercate, Vicenza, and Rome - we have a nationwide presence.

We are a young, energetic company that is growing all the time. Created by AD Consulting, software development firm EUEI is just one incarnation of the company's spirit of expansion.

And we won't stop here. We are already working on new ideas and offerings.


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