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"Like many great ideas, the seeds of Adatis were planted after one too many beers in a small bar in Houston, Texas in 2004 but it was a couple of years and a few more nights out before things really got started.

We had worked together for a number of years and found we shared a similar vision of what is important, both in life and in business. We'd heard too many buzzwords and sat in too many meetings about meetings to know that wasn't for us. We wanted to be a company who only gave advice it believed in, where people genuinely enjoyed coming to work every day and who delivered great projects on exciting tech.

We came up with a name (harder than we thought) and in June 2006, we sat in Martyn's lounge wondering what the hell we had done! We won our first project at about a month later and took on our first employee about 18 months after that.

Growing the company over the last ten years through some tough economic times is something we're really proud of. But even more so is the team around us. We're incredibly fussy about who we hire and whilst that makes recruitment hard work sometimes, it means we've got people around us who inspire us every day. BI Consultancy, prospective partner."


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