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Amicus ITS

Amicus ITS provides state of the art IT services and technology solutions customised for healthcare, regulated industries, and blue-chip corporate markets.

Our confidence and assurance to all our customers reflect the depth of experience we hold as data specialists. Amicus ITS’ roots started in the most demanding of markets, in healthcare in 1988. The tough regulatory procedures of ISO 27001 and ISO 9001, along with the process frameworks of Prince and ITIL methodologies, means that we are able to guarantee all of our customers' peace of mind.

The stringent compliance measures and procedures we follow, plus our secure connectivity around data and a triaged technical Service Desk response to life critical service support, means that all our assets, experience and specialist skills can be deployed and tailored to any customer’s environment. 

We are the guardians of your data. We focus on the data and technology, allowing you to focus on information to run your business.

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Application | Database Development, Consulting | Analytics, Consulting | Managed Services, Cloud | Infrastructure; Security


EMEA | Asia Pacific


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