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PFH Technology Group

With technology we enable business performance through agile, competitive solutions. Together with our Customers we enable organisations to achieve solutions which are better. Solutions which provide competitive advantage. Effective solutions, which are delivered to the power of PFH.

PFH Technology Group provides complete applications, infrastructure, security, communications and managed services solutions to enable our customers grow efficiently and operate with agility. We have offices in Dublin, Cork and Galway and provide services both nationally and internationally to meet our customers’ requirements.

Our Mission: To enable our Customers to maximise the value that technology can bring to their business by empowering people to make a difference.

Our Vision: To be the leading technology partner in our target markets - innovative, responsive, trusted and always front of mind with our customers.

We are leaders in our solution competencies. We offer the peace of mind and assurance that projects and services, which we deliver are provided to the highest standards.



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