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As a Microsoft-certified, full-service SQL Server consultancy, SQL Solutions Group has the experience and know-how to help with all your database needs. You can trust and depend on our reliability, flexibility, and stability. Randy Knight - a Microsoft Certified Master - founded SQL Solutions Group in October 2010, after more than 20 years in the technology industry. He loves the challenge of solving what can seem to be insurmountable problems. His skill was once rewarded with the nickname “The Database Whisperer.”

When you engage with us, we match you with our Database Consultants to provide the best solutions to your needs. We specialize in system analysis, architecture, performance tuning and integration, working on-site or remotely, full-time or as-needed. You tell us what you need and we’ll execute—and a sudden change in parameters doesn’t bother us! With SQL Solutions Group in your corner, your database problems are our problems.

Crises or routine tasks, we know how important it is to address issues as quickly as possible, so we guarantee that at least one of our expert Database Consultants is available at all times to ensure your operations run as smoothly as possible. As you work with us, you will see why so many organizations come to us to find reliable solutions for their SQL Server needs.


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