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SSQL Sure protects your database objects' source code. Fully-integrated in Microsoft™ SQL Server™ Management Studio. Check the object out for development and lock it to protect the artefact from being overwritten. A backup copy is always available with a full history of every change.

• Compatible with SSMS 2012, 2014 and 2016.

Repository is kept in the database, no external file systems to maintain.

• Intuitive, simple, effective source control. Link objects to a release project for simple deployment across environments. Development to UAT to Production – simple. There is always a backup copy made before deploying the object to the next environment.

• Create a deployment project during check-out or simply add more objects to the project.

• Include file based scripts such as data inserts, configuration scripts and the likes for deployment - all script data is stored in the database.

• Select your project, select the “from” and “to” environments and click “Go”, no more release disasters.

• All release objects are automatically backed-up before changes are released.

A developer’s dream…

• Powerful search in all database objects.

• Compare your object’s code across multiple environments.

Simple, effective source control and deployment for your database.


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