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SentryOne software improves SQL Server performance as well as the performance of the team responsible for managing the SQL Server environment. Oftentimes this performance improvement translates to time savings throughout the organization and a reduction in future hardware and software expenditures. However, rather than take our word for it, check out a sampling of quotes from our customers.

SQL Sentry Performance Advisor

"This utility has transcended our core monitoring and alerting functionality at the shop. The customization and report ability is second to none, and allows us an in-depth look enterprise wide at our systems."
-- Chris Yates, Assistant Vice President| Database Administration Manager

SQL Sentry Has Revolutionized the Way We Tune Execution Plans

"There are many things you have to consider (when looking for a paid monitoring tool): features, additional services to compliment the reasoning for a purchase, HA/DR monitoring abilities and notifications, and a company’s offering of other “best supporting tools” that will join the monitoring tool as an overall product line. The one piece that may be difficult to understand is, “additional services to compliment the reasoning for a purchase.” This essentially boils down to, “if I make this purchase for monitoring reasons, what else comes with it so I can best sell to management the critical need and added positive impact it can make on the environment, out of the box. In one phrase - budget increase reasoning.” Also important is the maturity of the product, support services, update/fix release stability, who's writing and running that line of business and most critical, the footprint it leaves on the environment. With that in mind and based on my experience using dozens if not hundreds of monitoring solutions for clients all over the world, the product and company I recommend would be SQL Sentry.

Now, you shouldn't just blindly listen to that without some key reasoning. Over the last decade, SQL Sentry has excelled in their marketplace. I am also close friends with some of their competitors. All good companies and products but there are a few things we lose with each, which is why I'm recommending SQL Sentry. As mentioned earlier, one may need maturity and functionality for key features (availability groups, SSAS are just a few) and the footprint it leaves on your environment is a big issue. I refuse to play an agent role based collections monitoring game. The agent footprint is too large. In the long run, you also have to look at the company’s history and the evolution of their product lines. What they started with and where it is now, will tell you what to expect in a 5 year rolling plan of stability and enriching the product by staying with the always evolving, SQL engine and line. A good example is how SQL Sentry has revolutionized the way we tune execution plans with Plan Explorer. An amazing product and it's free for use. I can say with great confidence that a lot of effort and energy goes into the performance and monitoring packages from SQL Sentry. Their latest builds with availability group enhanced monitoring, baseline collections and much more, make it again, a pretty clear choice. Take all the key aspects I mentioned before, not just an interface but the serious effects and effectiveness into account in the entire package and products the business offers, and you'll form a better overall current and ongoing monitoring solution - SQL Sentry encompasses just that."
-- Ted Krueger, Microsoft SQL Server MVP

Performance Advisor Finds the "Needle in a Haystack"

"How many times has management said, 'What happened four minutes ago on the database?', only to be followed by sounds of my brain figuring out the best way to say, 'We really have no idea since we don't have trace files and PerfMon running and even if we did it would be like looking for the preverbial needle in a haystack.' Now, with Performance Advisor I simply say, 'Well from 9:53AM to 9:57AM it looks like the C: drive spiked to 435ms and the benchmark for C: is more like 10ms. Oh, and the performance hit we saw ten minutes ago, that was blocking that occurred for 30 seconds and I have already added (NOLOCK) hints to the blocked queries.'"
-- Kirby Repko, Database Administrator, Equator

"PE & PA are MUST SEE products @ #sqlintersection RT @SQL_Sentry: Crowds gather at the expo hall; @kekline holds court"
-- Kimberly L. Tripp

Performance Advisor Helps SQL Server Worldwide User's Group

"I wrote about some performance issues we were chasing. The issues were revolving around a symptom of disk queues growing, system performance lagging in spurts, etc. We were having trouble getting real visibility into all of the possible causes, in a cohesive, single look kind of way. It was one thing to look at queries running, another to check counters, yet another to look for lock/blocking. The folks over at SQL Sentry jumped on that and helped us out - they helped show off their new performance dashboard and at the same time shine some serious light on our server and the issues we were seeing. Literally as soon as we fired it up we could see what was happening."
-- Stephen Wynkoop, SQL Server Worldwide Users Group

"Comparing massive plans from two different environments...@SQL_Sentry 's Plan Explorer FTW"
-- Erin Stellato

Event Manager Simplifies SQL Server Monitoring

"Event Manager has greatly simplified SQL Server monitoring for our environment. I spent a minimal amount of time setting up this product to watch our critical SQL Servers. Since then, I am notified of any SQL error worth noting, new job, new package, agent job issue or SQL irregularity. This product has greatly improved my knowledge of how my production SQL Server's operate on a 24/7/365 basis. It catches potential problems and notifies me before they escalate into larger issues. I would highly recommend this product to anyone that needs a better understanding of their SQL Server job activities."
-- Jonathan Seashore, Systems Engineer III, Time Warner Telecom

"Deadlocks, a hell of a lot easier to determine route cause with @SQL_Sentry Performance Advisor #DBATools"
-- Chris McGowan

Event Manager Reduces Response Time

"SQL Sentry Event Manager has been very valuable in reducing our response time to issues, reducing the time required to validate job executions, and given us the ability to set up and manage alerts across our database and server platforms through one interface."
-- Rick Shonak, Sr. Database Administrator, Blue Cod Technologies

"I used @SQL_Sentry Plan Explorer Pro today for some complex #SQLServer Deadlock troubleshooting. What an awesome tool!"
-- Kevin Boles

Event Manager Reduces the Effort of Managing SQL Servers

"We are a small SQL shop without the benefit of a dedicated SQL DBA. Managing our SQL environment is a small but very critical part of my responsibilities. SQL Sentry Event Manager greatly reduces the daily effort of managing my SQL Servers. I can see all of my scheduled events, configure alerts to capture hung jobs and even automate a response to critical issues. Plus I don't have to install, manage and suffer the performance drain of agents on every server. SQL Sentry has proven over the years to be a reliable and cost efficient tool."
-- Peter Smith, Director, Corporate Services at Brickmill Marketing Services

"@SQLSoldier @TaraKizer +1 for @sql_sentry Great product with better support. And sales team aren't sharks. Event manager is a killer feature"
-- Seth Washeck

Event Manager Eliminates the Struggle with Native Tools

"Now that I have Event Manager, I look forward to going to work. No more struggling with the native tools to get things done."
-- Klara Barton, Database Administrator, El Paso County, CO

Event Manager Saves More than 20 Hrs per Week

"Event Manager is a critical component of our cutting-edge SQL Server hosting environment. It is an efficient tool to manage all our scheduled events and notifications and it saves me more than 20 hours per week."
-- Sarah Barela, DBA Manager, CBeyond

"I love SQLSentry. It just allowed me to drill in to the specific query out of many that caused a big PLE drop 6 hours ago."
-- Nic Cain

People Say You Can't Buy Time, But with Event Manager I did!

"Event Manager saved me time. Over an hour of Data Warehouse processing time each night. That's an invaluable resource. People say you can't buy time - but with Event Manager I did!"
-- Geoff N. Hiten, Microsoft SQL Server MVP

"Why yes. of course @SQL_Sentry opened this plan without problems when nothing else would"
-- Allen Kinsel

Event Manager - Calendar AND Crystal Ball

"Everyone who sits near me is tired of hearing me say 'COOL!' as I learn more and more about what Event Manager does. And to think - all I was really looking for was a SQL Server job calendar. What I got was the calendar AND a crystal ball! Not only can I see that some jobs are overlapping with others, I can see which ones WILL overlap in the future. But I think my favorite feature is getting emails if someone else creates a job without seeing what's already scheduled. If anyone asks for a reference, I'll happily tell them how much better my day is now that I'm using Event Manager."
-- Kim Raburn, President, Open Systems Consulting

"We know @SQL_Sentry develops awesome tools, but it should also be known that their customer service is top shelf as well! #HappyDBA"
-- Paul Timmerman

Automating a Workflow Between SQL Server and Oracle Jobs is an Amazing Feature

"Event Manager enables a busy DBA to do things that were almost impossible just yesterday. Automating a logical workflow between SQL Server and Oracle jobs is an amazing feature and critical time saver. Event Manager's intuitive interface provides insight over all scheduled database events whether SQL Server or Oracle, with the granular control that DBAs often dream of."
-- Kevin Loney, Oracle Press author of the Oracle 10g DBA Handbook

"Nothing like #PlanExplorer from @SQL_Sentry to show me where 98% of plan is cluster index scan, create incl. index, no more parallelism :)"
-- Thomas LeBlanc

Clients and Management Have Noted the Positive Effect of Event Manager

"Event Manager has improved our business and our work environment. Clients and management have noted the positive effect. Event Manager removed the job management burden and has given us the insight and capabilities to improve our systems and applications everyday!"
-- Scott Brooks, Director of Hosting Services, Peak 10, Inc.

"Called @sql_sentry to ask target IOPS for collecting server. They actually had an answer, w/o looking it up even. #impressed"
-- Joe Fleming

Event Manager Recommended to Reporting Services Clients

"I am already recommending Event Manager to all my Reporting Services is time to take control of all those SQL Agent Jobs for report subscriptions and snapshots."
-- Douglas McDowell, Director of Operations, Business Intelligence, Solid Quality Learning

"@SQL_Sentry has to be one of my favorite tool to manage SQL perf, that and my crazy spreadsheet using their DB ;-)"
-- Mathieu Isabel

Event manager simplifies the dba's life

"Event Manager is the one tool that can really change an organization and simplify the DBA's daily life. It's not a "nice to have tool", it's a "must have tool" if you're concerned about the bottom-line support costs of your servers. You'll never know how you lived without Event Manager and it's a must have in the DBA's arsenal."
-- Brian Knight, Microsoft SQL Server MVP

"I introduced @SQL_Sentry #planexplorer today to a group of SQL developers...they all loved it! Let's diet those fat lines!"
-- Ivan Rodriguez

Every DBA Should Use Event Manager -

"This is a product that every DBA should use."
-- Brad McGehee, Microsoft SQL Server MVP

"I am love'n @SQL_Sentry right now. Thanks a bunch for Plan Explorer "
-- Paul S Waters

Your "Install Everywhere" Software Includes Event Manager

"Event Manager should be in your "install everywhere" software set. You won't want to manage tasks and jobs on systems that don't have it once you've used it."
-- Stephen Wynkoop, SQL Server Worldwide Users Group

"The more that I use SQL Sentry, the more I fall in love with it. #SQLSentry #LoveStory"
-- John Morehouse

Event Manager - A First Class Application

"Our team has been impressed with the range of functionality, the ease of use and the comprehensive job management capabilities of Event Manager. To put it in a short form...a first class application."
-- Markus Kottwitz, EMP, Lingen, Germany

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Awards and Reviews

Being recognized as a leader in the SQL Server industry is an important honor for us. We're proud of our awards and reviews.

SQL Sentry Named Winner of Multiple SQL Server Pro Awards for 2012

by SQL Server Pro -- November 19, 2012
SQL Sentry Performance Advisor was named gold medal winner of the "2012 Editors' Best Awards" and bronze medal winner of the "2012 Community Choice Awards" in the Best Database Monitoring and Performance Product category. "For the second year in a row, SQL Sentry's Performance Advisor for SQL Server prevails as the top performance monitoring product. Performance Advisor not only displays SQL Server performance information but also SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) and Windows Server data in the same dashboard, making it easy to analyze the performance of your entire SQL Server environment."

SQL Sentry Plan Explorer was named silver medal winner of the "2012 Community Choice Awards" in the Best Free Tool category.


Monitoring Your Servers: Data Collection vs. Performance Advisor

Aaron Bertrand, SQL Server MVP -- Mar 19, 2009
"In SQL Server 2008 we get Data Collection, a built-in framework for collecting and analyzing performance and other metrics from multiple servers...I thought it would be useful to compare some of the features with a 3rd party tool that I use in my environment, Performance Advisor from SQL Sentry...Performance Advisor goes above and beyond in the disk usage report category, providing disk capacity statistics like Data Collection does, and adding real-time disk activity views that show exactly where the I/Os are coming and going."


2006 Product of the Year

Accolades Continue to Accumulate for SQL Sentry Event Manager -- Jan 16, 2007
"...The product's display is the key to its success," according "Its customizable interface allows simultaneous display of calendars, graphs and controls to fit the users' needs. In a large enterprise SQL Server quickly becomes difficult to manage -- especially the SQL Server jobs. "Event Manager is indispensable for managing jobs and for providing alerting."


SQL Sentry Event Manager Product Review

Database Journal, Steven Warren -- Dec 18, 2007
"As a DBA in today's 24x7 world, managing multiple SQL Servers can be quite a challenge. Having an arsenal of tools by your side that can help you save time is a must. Fortunately, a tool is available on the market to help take some of the stress out of your life. SQL Sentry Event Manager provides you with a tool that enables you to manage all of your SQL Server jobs across your entire infrastructure from one single point of entry."


Know What's Happening: Keep Tabs on your SQL Server Jobs

Redmond Magazine, Joshua Jones -- Sep 01, 2007
"We've all been in situations where we spend a great deal of time navigating the complicated Web of inter-server SQL Agent jobs to find resource contention and scheduling problems. When you add the layer of complexity that many SQL Agent jobs simply run DTS or SSIS packages, the problem becomes even greater. One of the few third-party devices available to help with this task is SQL Sentry Event Manager."


Product Review: SQL Sentry Power Suite 6.2 Earns 4.5 Out of 5 Stars!

Brian Erlich, SQL Server Pro (Magazine) -- December 15, 2011
"SQL Sentry Power Suite is feature rich and provides easy navigation between its integrated applications using a predictable console. I was impressed by how comprehensive it was and surprised at how useful it could be as a tool for ensuring good performance from the BI solutions that I design."


SQL Sentry Named as Winner of Multiple SQL Server Magazine Awards

by SQL Server Magazine -- November 18, 2011
SQL Sentry Performance Advisor was named as gold medal winner of the "2011 Editors' Best Awards" and bronze medal winner of the "2011 Community Choice Awards" in the Best Database Monitoring and Performance Product category.

SQL Sentry Event Manager was named as silver medal winner of the "2011 Community Choice Awards" and bronze medal winner of the "2011 Editors' Best Awards" in the Best Database Management Product category.

SQL Sentry Plan Explorer was named as gold medal winner of the "2011 Editors' Best Awards" and silver medal winner of the "2011 Community Choice Awards" in the Best Free Tool category.


Manage SQL Databases

TechNet Magazine, Greg Steen -- Mar 01, 2008
"The larger and more complex your infrastructure, the more you need to be concerned with maintenance and operational tasks interfering with each other. This can lead to process flow havoc for your end users. Fortunately, there are a few tools available for the database and system administrator to help coordinate a complex environment's schedules. One tool that you may want to consider is SQL Sentry Event Manager."


SQL Server Product Review

SQL Server Magazine, Michael Otey -- Mar 01, 2007
"You could think of Event Manager for SQL Server as SQL Agent on steroids, but its functionally actually goes far beyond SQL Agent. One of SQL Sentry's most valuable features for the DBA is the all-devices global calendar view, which gives you a big picture of your enterprise job execution schedule. Event Manager is a must-have product for DBAs who need to manage a large number of jobs across multiple systems." 5 Star Rating

...unlike any tool on the market for the SQL DBA -- Jan 12, 2006
Review by Brian Knight, Microsoft SQL Server MVP
"...SQL Sentry 2.5 is unlike any tool on the market for the SQL Server DBA and I could not find a competitor. I can not think of any way for a DBA to save more time than with a job management system like SQL Sentry."


Editor's Choice Award, SQL Server Magazine

Honoring the hits of the SQL Server universe -- Jul 21, 2006
"...SQL Sentry provides user-friendly job scheduling, giving you an Outlook-style calendar view of SQL Server's job schedule. In addition to job scheduling. SQL Sentry provides flexible MAPI-less alerting and notification capabilities. SQL Sentry can monitor up to 72 different server events, and the software lets administrators choose from up to nine response actions."



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