Intelligent DataOps

Simplify Managing Complex Data Environments


Master your data estate with powerful data integration, validation, and documentation tools

Your data is your business. But if your data is inaccurate or constantly delayed because of delivery problems, you can’t make timely and well-informed decisions.

In constantly changing, complex data environments, maintaining a solid understanding of data assets can be a challenge. Tracking data origin, analyzing data dependencies, and keeping documentation up to date is resource-intensive—but critical to a data-driven organization.

A high-performing DataOps practice helps your company accelerate the data lifecycle—from developing data-centric applications through delivering accurate business-critical data to your end users and customers.

SentryOne not only helps you speed data delivery—but also helps ensure the data is right.


Analyze data lineage with SentryOne Document

What is DataOps?

DataOps is a collaborative practice of improving the integration, reliability, and delivery of data across an organization. Building on the foundation of strong DevOps processes—which foster good communication between development teams and IT operational teams—DataOps focuses on streamlining the data pipeline throughout the data lifecycle:

  • Data integration—simplifying the process of connecting to disparate data sources
  • Data validation—testing data to ensure that business decisions are supported by accurate information
  • Metadata management—maintaining a clear understanding of the topography of the data estate, including data origin, data dependencies, and how the data has changed over time
  • Observability—capturing granular insights about data systems along with rich context to help DataOps teams better understand system behavior and performance

DataOps paves the way for an effective data pipeline, delivering information that people trust with shorter development and delivery cycles.

Give power to your data with DataOps

SentryOne solutions form the foundation of a highly functioning DataOps organization.  

Task Factory
Data Integration

Seamlessly connect to dozens of data sources—reducing tedious programming and improving data quality

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SentryOne Test
Data Validation

Ensure the accuracy of your business-critical data with an automated testing framework that integrates with Visual Studio

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SentryOne Document
Database Documentation & Lineage

SentryOne Document provides automatic database documentation and data lineage analysis in a cloud solution.

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