Is Database Downtime Costing You Money?

SolarWinds customers reduce business downtime


The high cost of poor database performance

Performance problems in the data environment can have a debilitating effect on business operations overall:

  • Application performance downtime costs businesses millions of dollars per year.
  • Lack of visibility into data platform performance is a leading cause of application performance and availability problems.
  • True database reliability and observability means more than “Is the database up or down?” or reactive monitoring after events occur.
  • You can reduce the number and duration of service-impacting events with comprehensive data platform monitoring.

Improved database performance increases ROI

Improving database performance yields significant benefits in reducing wasted resources:

  • SolarWinds customers can save millions of dollars through reductions in critical events.
  • Proactive monitoring and incident response mean technical staff can focus on initiatives that add business value instead of reacting to incidents.
  • In the cloud, you pay for what you build—not what you use. SQL Sentry baselines and historical workload history help businesses right-size their on-premises or cloud installations without paying for unused capacity.
SolarWinds customers can reduce time to troubleshoot data platform problems by up to 90%.


Why invest in improved database performance?

  • Reduced resources spent on troubleshooting
  • Increased end-user productivity
  • Faster business reporting
  • Increased business transaction volume
  • Increased customer satisfaction




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