DBAs: Find and Fix SQL Server Performance Problems


Frustrated by slow database performance?

Constantly struggling to stay on top of SQL Server performance problems? Identifying the root cause of performance issues can be difficult, forcing DBAs into fire-fighting mode rather than proactively managing their Microsoft data estate. 


Lack of monitoring data

If you have no monitoring solution—or if your current tool has gaps in monitoring data—you are burning up time trying to find and fix the root cause of database performance problems. 


Insufficient performance details

If the monitoring information you collect isn't sufficiently detailed, you could spend precious time looking in the wrong places for answers to your performance problems. 


Poor or non-existent technical support 

If your current solution leaves you hanging when you have questions or need expert guidance, you could lose time and resources waiting for a response while your data users run out of patience. 


Lack of SQL Server-specific performance information

A performance monitoring solution that doesn't focus on your specific platform—SQL Server and the Microsoft Data Platform—can have limited value because you won't have the detailed information you need to find and fix your performance problem. 


SQL Sentry Helps You Solve Your Toughest Performance Problems


SolarWinds SQL Sentry gives data teams end-to-end visibility across your data estate so you can identify and address performance problems with SQL Server, the OS, your virtualization layer, or SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS). Here's why SQL Sentry is the most capable, scalable solution available for monitoring, diagnosing, and optimizing the Microsoft Data Platform.

Unrivaled scalability—monitor hundreds of production servers

Built with an agentless architecture, SQL Sentry has proven ability to scale to hundreds of production database servers with no loss in monitoring data and the lowest performance overhead in the industry. You can be confident that SQL Sentry can handle your enterprise-level workloads, and can scale as you grow. 


Detailed, actionable information 

We deliver the highest granularity of performance metrics in the industry, with "Jump To" navigation so you can quickly switch views to see key metrics across your database systems that help you identify and address problems. 


Laser focus on the Microsoft Data Platform 

SQL Sentry built from the ground up by Microsoft data experts, so you'll experience faster time to value when troubleshooting performance problems with SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, and other Microsoft databases.


The Top SQL view in SQL Sentry gives a detailed view of your problem queries so you can quickly find and fix performance problems.  

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