Developers: Build High-Performing SQL Server Databases


Need to build high-performing SQL Server database applications?

Ensuring that SQL Server databases perform well by design can be challenging, particularly with limited resources for a few reasons... 


Lack of knowledge or focus on SQL Server 

High-performing SQL Server applications start in development, with focus on considerations such as how SQL Server handles data types and how to write high-performing queries. One or two poorly written queries might not drag down a database application, but if queries aren't written with performance in mind from the start, the application likely will have productivity-sapping performance problems once it's in production.


Difficulty with testing data

Data testing can be a painful, tedious process—but critical to ensuring high-performing production database applications. 


Repetitive, time-consuming task programming 

Programming high-performing custom tasks can be tedious, error-prone stage that consumes an inordinate amount of development time.  



SentryOne helps DevOps teams ensure fast performance from the start


Unmatched SQL Server query analysis

SentryOne helps data teams write better-performing SQL Server queries, and analyze queries, at every stage of the database.  Our industry-beloved Plan Explorer helps you get to the root of the toughest query performance problems. To see how it works, download our free eBook by SQL Server experts, including Microsoft MVP Aaron Bertrand, Query Optimization with SentryOne Plan Explorer.


High-performance components and tasks for SSIS 

SentryOne Task Factory delivers essential, high-performance SSIS components and tasks that eliminate the need for programming.


Automated data testing 

Automated data testing with SentryOne Test (formerly LegiTest) helps stop bad data by validating your results from development to production



SentryOne Plan Explorer
Plan Explorer, included in the SentryOne platform, helps you get to the root of your toughest SQL Server query problems, and includes index analysis, statistics analysis, and query performance profiling and playback.  

Empowering DevOps to Accelerate Data Performance 


Want to discover performance problems in your database before it hits production? This recorded web seminar demonstrates how to identify and address SQL Server performance killers while apps are still in development. Our experts cover:  


  • How to detect and prevent releases of code that could reduce performance of your SQL Server database
  • Ways to prevent the most common performance problems before they reach production: missing indexes, deadlocks and excessive key lookups
  • How effective SentryOne can be in a DevOps pipeline both on-premise and in the cloud
  • How SentryOne can be used to highlight the usefulness of correlating data together to solve deployment problems quickly by creating Advisory Conditions that display data on the dashboards

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Discover Performance Problems in Your Database | SentryOne

"Before our applications get to the production environment, we use SentryOne so we can see in pre-production anything that's not performing well."

—Mark Allison, Data Engineer, Sabin i.o., a SentryOne partner


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