Document Operational and Analytical Databases Automatically 

Manage database metadata and quickly generate complete documentation


Snapshotting, analyzing, and documenting your database environment doesn’t have to be tedious and time-consuming.


Managing all your database and BI tools metadata for snapshot comparison, lineage and impact analysis, and documentation can be painful and time-consuming because most documentation tools lack support for handling disparate data sources and managing compliance with data privacy regulations.


Lack of
support for multiple technologies

Documenting SQL Server, Oracle, and other data systems and tools can be time-consuming and repetitive. Plus, importing metadata can take hours of preparation and programming if the required data providers aren’t available.

Inability to
customize the output

Tailoring output to various users, such as developers or business analysts, can be tedious without the ability to accurately annotate metadata.

Unable to
track data origin for compliance

Creating comprehensive documentation that helps your company comply with data privacy regulations (such as CASL and GDPR) requires a thorough analysis of data origin and ownership.

Manual processes can yield faulty results

Generating documentation manually is not only slow but can yield low-quality output.

Generate high-quality documentation and streamline data compliance management with SentryOne DOC xPress.


Document all data properties with one tool

  • Create complete documentation for SQL Server, SSAS, SSIS, SSRS, Oracle, Hive, Excel, Informatica PowerCenter, Tableau, and more

  • Generate output in Word, HTML, CHM, or web server view

  • Import data from a variety of sources with built-in providers, or quickly create custom providers

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Create and maintain an up-to-date data dictionary from snapshots

  • Take a detailed picture of your database and BI tools environment’s state via DOC xPress snapshots

  • Run  comparisons against previous snapshots to see what has changed

  • Annotate objects within a snapshot, including information such as SLAs, who’s responsible for the data, timeliness of the data, and more

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Analyze data origin for compliance with privacy regulations

  • Use Data Lineage Analysis to track the source of metadata within your systems

  • View data dependencies with an object lineage component that shows data flow in visual or text mode

  • Use Impact Analysis to understand the impact of database changes

  • Keep documentation up-to-date with a metadata discovery tool that automatically scans the data

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Save time with documentation wizard

  • An intuitive, easy-to-use interface makes it simple for even first-time users to be productive

  • Generate documentation about an environment instantly, without waiting for sources to load each time you want to document

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Stop wasting time and generate better documentation with SentryOne DOC xPress, whether you have hundreds or thousands of users. SentryOne makes the difference by helping you:


Generate accurate documentation in less time

Using SentryOne DOC xPress helps you automatically generate documentation with an intuitive wizard that speeds productivity even for first-timers.

Stop stressing about data compliance

You can set SentryOne Test to continuously validate data and display test results in an intuitive dashboard with drill down metrics for deeper analysis.

nearly any property

SentryOne DOC xPress helps you document various types of databases and BI tools, output the results in multiple formats, and connect to data sources with built-in providers and the ability to create custom providers.

hundreds of

With SentryOne DOC xPress, you can take a snapshot of nearly any property and store the intelligence in a shared database for your team, and documents can be customized to various audiences.

"MetaBank (MPS) documentation is always up-to-date, so it can be leveraged as a second line of defense for our processes. Our standards are the first line, and internal audit using DOC xPress is the second."

—Ron Van Zanten, SVP of Data Systems, Meta Payment Systems


Customers with the highest demands for database performance choose SentryOne 

Companies with the highest demands for database performance choose SentryOne

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