USE SentryOne DECLARE @tablerows nvarchar(max), @body nvarchar(max); -- this uses XML formatting to collapse -- the output to a string of s SELECT @tablerows = CONVERT(nvarchar(max), (SELECT td = esc.ObjectName, N'' ,td = [DatabaseName], N'' ,td = [LoginName], N'' ,td = [SPID], N'' ,td = [StartTime], N'' ,td = [EndTime], N'' ,td = [Error] FROM [SentryOne].[dbo].[PerformanceAnalysisTraceData] patd JOIN EventSourceConnection esc ON patd.EventSourceConnectionID = esc.ID WHERE esc.ObjectName like '%AMAZONAWS%' and Error > 0 AND NormalizedStartTime > dateadd(minute, -5, getutcdate()) FOR XML PATH(N'tr'), ELEMENTS)); SET @body = N'

Timeouts detected on the following AWS instances:

' + @tablerows + N'
InstanceDatabaseLoginSPIDStart TimeEnd TimeError ID
'; EXEC msdb.dbo.sp_sentry_dbmail_20 @body = @body, @body_format = N'HTML', @recipients = N'YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS HERE', @subject = N'AWS Timeouts Detected';