Smart Path to SQL Server
on Microsoft Azure 

SentryOne provides end-to-end solutions for migrating and optimizing SQL Server workloads on Microsoft Azure



Reduce the risk in shifting databases to the Azure cloud

Moving SQL Servers from on-premises to the cloud can bring significant benefits—as well as challenges, especially during the transition.

As a longtime technology partner with Microsoft, SentryOne can provide expert guidance as you're migrating SQL Server workloads to Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, or Azure SQL Database Managed Instance. 

SentryOne solutions not only pave the way for a smoother migration, but also ensure that your Azure workloads are optimized for peak performance. 




Simplify migration and optimization for Microsoft Azure workloads

SentryOne provides end-to-end migration and optimization solutions for shifting SQL Server workloads to Microsoft Azure.



SQL Sentry

Monitor workloads before and after migration, establish performance baselines, and optimize production databases

BI Sentry

Monitor and optimize SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) before and after migrating to Azure

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DOC xPress

Capture documentation and data lineage to prepare for migrations and for compliance with data regulations 

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Conduct data testing before and after migrations with an automated framework for any ADO.NET, OLE DB, ODBC, and REST data sources

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DBA xPress

Compare schema and databases, analyze object dependencies, and conduct disk space optimization

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Task Factory

Standardize and optimize SSIS components before and after migration to Azure

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BI xPress

Audit and monitor SSIS and SSRS, and compare on-premises and cloud-based instance configurations

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DTS xChange

Migrate DTS to SSIS before upgrading and migrating to Azure

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Microsoft Certified Partner

SentryOne has partnered with the Microsoft product team since 2004 to bring innovative products to market and currently holds Microsoft Gold Partner competencies in:

  • Application Development
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Platform
  • Datacenter
  • Cloud Platform
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Optimize SQL Server performance on Azure 

SentryOne is the most capable, scalable solution for optimizing performance of SQL Server—on-premise, in virtual environments, and in the cloud. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we've worked side by side with Microsoft engineers to ensure that data professionals have the detailed information they need to proactively manage their cloud-based databases for peak performance, whether on Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Database Managed Instance, or Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

Azure SQL Database

Whether you're using Microsoft Azure SQL Database for your SaaS business, enterprise production, or development and testing, under- or over-provisioning resources can mean either a poor user experience or wasted budget.
DB Sentry helps you monitor performance metrics, including DTU usage, and be notified of events occurring on your system, so you can prevent business interruptions. 

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Managed Instance

Companies using Azure SQL DB Managed Instance have few monitoring options that provide detailed, actionable information. SentryOne ensures fast performance for Azure SQL Database Managed Instance, before and after migration, by providing unmatched visibility into key performance metrics so data teams can use the same monitoring solution for on-premises and Managed Instance targets.

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Azure SQL Data Warehouse

If you're not monitoring Azure SQL Data Warehouse across your Microsoft data platform, then you're not seeing the whole data performance picture. SentryOne gives you detailed visibility into the queries, loads, backups, and restores of all your data on Azure SQL Data Warehouse. With the event calendar and intelligent movement dashboard, you always know what factors are impacting workload.

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