Monitor, Diagnose, and Optimize the Microsoft Data Platform  

Proactively manage database performance with actionable, detailed monitoring metrics


Keeping your databases running at peak performance shouldn’t
be a constant fire drill.


If you’re always scrambling to fix database performance problems, you’re likely encountering a few recurring roadblocks to successful database performance monitoring:


Lack of relevant monitoring data

Trying to hack through mountains of meaningless data is a waste of time. Worse is discovering that you’re missing vast chunks of monitoring data because your monitoring tool couldn’t handle the workload.

No visibility beyond the database

Sometimes a SQL Server or SSAS performance problem can be traced to the Windows OS or a VMware host. Hunting for the problem can burn valuable time better used on strategic initiatives.

Difficulty foreseeing performance problems

It’s hard to get out of fire-fighting mode when you don’t have the proper tools to help you predict and prevent events that will cause a database slowdown.

Lack of resources to address problems

Getting help identifying and solving database performance problems can be hard, especially if your team is short-staffed or lacks adequate Microsoft database expertise, or if your current monitoring tool’s customer support is weak or non-existent.

Gain control of your database monitoring needs with the SentryOne Monitoring Platform.


View actionable metrics to troubleshoot performance issues

  • Use the industry's most detailed monitoring metrics to quickly find the root cause of the problem

  • End gaps in monitoring data with a solution that scales to 800+ database targets with no loss in data

  • Keep systems running at peak efficiency with the Environment Health Overview, which provides a concise, shareable snapshot of overall system health

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See performance problems across the environment

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Proactively manage the database environment

  • Set custom Advisory Conditions to prevent performance problems before you encounter alert storms

  • Use Storage Forecasting, powered by our proprietary Predictive Analytics engine, to prevent database slowdowns caused by inadequate disk storage space

  • Manage events, including SQL Server Jobs, with an Outlook-style Event Calendar

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Immediately improve database performance with expert resources

  • Experience industry-leading support from database experts with the highest-rated monitoring solution on independent review site, TrustRadius

  • Troubleshoot specific problems quickly with the SentryOne Certified Training program, which includes dozens of two-minute videos focused on specific topics to get you up to speed quickly

  • Use a solution that is specifically focused on the Microsoft Data Platform, built by and for database experts


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Stop fire-fighting and start managing your database performance proactively with the SentryOne Monitoring Platform.


Find and fix performance problems—quickly and easily

SentryOne gives you actionable metrics and intuitive dashboards to speed up troubleshooting.

Get connected with database performance experts

Take advantage of our video-based courses, robust Support Community, and industry-leading customer support.

Optimize system performance and end late-night crisis calls

SentryOne gives you solutions for proactive performance management so you can predict and prevent problems.

"We use SQL Sentry to monitor our production ERP databases. It allows easy tuning checkup, configurable emails to alert you to conditions that require attention, and offers insights into SQL Server that are difficult and time-consuming to duplicate with SQL Management Studio."

—Dennis Squires, Systems Administrator/ERP Specialist, Nicolet College




Customers with the highest demands for database performance choose SentryOne 

Companies with the highest demands for database performance choose SentryOne

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