Monitor, Diagnose, and Optimize Your SQL Server Environment

A SolarWinds SQL Sentry Overview

SolarWinds® SQL Sentry delivers top-rated database performance monitoring based on the proven Monitor • Diagnose • Optimize (MDO) Methodology. SQL Sentry solves—and prevents—future database performance bottlenecks that could drag down data delivery or bring business data systems to a halt.

End reactive database firefighting and start proactively optimizing database performance


SQL Sentry helps you monitor your SQL Server and Azure SQL environment through intuitive performance dashboards, metrics reports, and general alerts, so you can quickly identify and react to existing performance bottlenecks. 

The MDO Methodology takes you beyond monitoring to in-depth diagnoses of common performance issues related to poorly performing SQL queries and resource contention across the database, OS, and virtual environment. Our methodology also offers proactive database optimization capabilities like Event Chains, which help you efficiently manage multiple events to prevent resource contentions. And the Storage Forecasting feature in SQL Sentry, based on predictive analytics, can help you predict when additional database and hardware resources will be needed to prevent future bottlenecks.


(M) Monitor: With SQL Sentry, you can continuously gather and monitor actionable performance metrics for your SQL Server and Azure SQL environment, including the underlying Windows OS or virtual machine environment.

(D) Diagnose: You can use the detailed performance metrics in SQL Sentry to quickly and accurately diagnose performance problems. Using the intuitive "Jump To" navigation in the Performance Analysis Dashboard, you can drill down into the details to effectively troubleshoot and separate the urgent from the non-urgent performance problems.

(O) Optimize: Go beyond monitoring and diagnosing with capabilities designed to help you optimize your data systems for continuous peak performance. The optimization features in SQL Sentry help you accelerate database performance and ensure your database system meets your business requirements.

With the Monitor • Diagnose • Optimize approach, you can evolve from reactive database firefighting mode to proactive management of your data system environment. SQL Sentry helps you save time and eliminate many management headaches DBAs typically face daily.

MDO Methodology Explained Graph
SolarWinds MDO Methodology


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