Become a SentryOne Reseller

Resellers offer SentryOne solutions alongside our direct sales team. They typically have more products in their catalogues than just SentryOne, but they are deeply knowledgeable about our solutions and work hand-in-hand with us to deliver the best customer service and support to every customer.

Trust your customers to SentryOne support

SentryOne is the best-in-class in database monitoring. Like you, we pursue relentless customer satisfaction.

Annual Customer Retention

We work hard to build relationships with our customers. Our support team uses a collaborative model - not a tiered system - so your clients don't need to repeat their issues multiple times to different people. All our technicians can solve complex problems on our platform.

Customer Satisfaction Score

We respond to every support ticket we receive and pursue solutions relentlessly for our customers. Most tickets are resolved within an hour. We address anything less than excellent and strive to set each customer on the path to proactive database management.

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Become a SentryOne Reseller