SQL Sentry Essentials

Core database monitoring capabilities for customers who need to monitor 5 or fewer SQL Server instances


Top-rated database performance monitoring for customers with smaller environments

Customers of every size need a powerful solution for finding and fixing performance problems.

SQL Sentry Essentials fits that bill. A new edition of our top-rated database performance monitoring solution, SQL Sentry Essentials is right-sized for smaller environments. SQL Sentry Essentials includes the core features of our flagship monitoring product and is perfect for monitoring environments of up to five SQL Server instances.

With SQL Sentry Essentials, your customers will be able to:

  • View essential real-time performance metrics in the Performance Analysis dashboard

  • Quickly identify highest-impact queries and target them for tuning with our popular Top SQL feature

  • Use proactive Advisory Conditions to avoid alert storms and prevent performance problems

  • Get to the bottom of the toughest query problems with integrated SentryOne Plan Explorer, the industry's most advanced query analysis and optimization tool

  • Analyze and address SQL Server blocking and deadlocks

  • View core Windows OS resource utilization metrics

Show your customers an easier way to fix SQL Server performance problems

SQL Sentry Essentials provides the most actionable metrics available so that your customers can monitor, diagnose, and optimize SQL Server performance. Help your customers stop the cycle of fire-fighting and gain control of their database performance.

Here's what your customers can do with SQL Sentry Essentials:

Performance Analysis Dashboard | SQL Sentry Essentials

 SQL Sentry Essentials Performance Analysis Dashboard

See key performance metrics at a glance

View SQL Server performance metrics in an intuitive dashboard, and drill down to specific areas for further analysis. 

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Analyze high-impact queries

View the highest-impact queries on the Top SQL tab, including running queries, completed queries, procedure stats, and query stats. You can also see query execution plan diagrams and query history.

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Top SQL | SQL Sentry Essentials
Top SQL view in SQL Sentry Essentials displays key metrics about high-impact queries affecting SQL Server performance

Anticipate and prevent database problems

Stop the deluge of meaningless notifications with Advisory Conditions, which help you watch for the circumstances that lead to performance problems and proactively prevent trouble before it starts.

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Analyze and optimize SQL queries

Not a SQL query expert? Not a problem. SentryOne Plan Explorer—included in SQL Sentry Essentials—helps you quickly troubleshoot queries to improve SQL Server database performance. With Plan Explorer, you can conduct index analysis, replay queries to see which operators are placing the most load on the system, and conduct actual plan recosting.

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Plan Explorer | SQL Sentry Essentials
SentryOne Plan Explorer helps you troubleshooting SQL queries, including conducting query plan recosting


Deadlocks | SQL Sentry Essentials

SQL Sentry Essentials deadlock graph

Troubleshoot SQL Server blocking and deadlocks

Quickly address some of the most challenging SQL Server performance killers—blocking and deadlocks. The Blocking tab displays all SQL Server blocks that occur during a specified time range in a hierarchical format, showing the relationships between all blocking and blocked SPIDs in a blocking chain. The Deadlocks tab shows real-time and historical deadlocks in your environment, including a deadlock graph that helps you quickly identify problem areas.

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Compare SQL Sentry (our flagship SQL Server monitoring solution) with SQL Sentry Essentials

Feature Comparison

Feature  SQL Sentry Essentials
SQL Sentry
Performance Dashboard  X X 
Windows Processes View  X X
Top SQL View  X X
Blocking SQL View  X X 
Deadlock View  X X
Alerting  X X 
Customizable Advisory Conditions  X X 
Integrated Plan Explorer X X
Disk Activity View    X
Disk Space View    X
Indexes View    X
AlwaysOn View   X
Quick Traces View    X
Fragmentation Manager    X
Storage Forecasting    X
Event Manager & Event Calendars    X
S1 Cloud Sync    X

SQL Sentry Essentials FAQ

What is SQL Sentry Essentials?

SQL Sentry Essentials is a new edition of SQL Sentry, the top-rated SQL Server database performance monitoring solution. Essentials includes the most useful features and functionality for monitoring, diagnosing, and optimizing SQL Server performance for up to 5 SQL Server instances. 


What is the total cost of SQL Sentry Essentials?

SQL Sentry Essentials is available through a perpetual license at US$995 per monitored instance, plus an annual maintenance fee of US$199, or through subscription pricing for US$50/month per monitored instance (annual commitment required).


Can my customers use Essentials if they need to monitor more than 5 instances?

No, Essentials is intended for small environments and includes a limited, but powerful, set of features. If your customers need to monitor more database instances, you can offer our flagship SQL Sentry product.


What customer support does SQL Sentry Essentials include?

Your SQL Sentry Essentials customers will have access to all the industry-leading learning resources produced by SentryOne, including:


SQL Sentry Essentials Pricing Options



Per Targeted SQL Server Instance



First Year of Annual Maintenance




Per Targeted SQL Server Instance


Subscription pricing is based on a 12-month term paid in advance with automatic renewal at the end of the term