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DW Sentry for Azure SQL Data Warehouse

With the intelligent data movement dashboard and event calendar, you will always know exactly what is impacting your workload. Designed to give you visibility into your queries and jobs running to load, backup or restore your data, you will never worry about whether or not you are making the most of your Azure resources.

DW Sentry released in conjunction with General Availability of Azure SQL Data Warehouse, providing customers with the ability to get more value out of their cloud data warehouse investments.

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Key Features
  • Data Movement Dashboard
    View data activity, key CPU metrics, elapsed time, rows processed, MB processed, and MB processed/second.

    The Data Movement dashboard highlights data movement activity, revealing key performance metrics within your Azure SQL Data Warehouse environment.

    It also shows the correlation of that activity against the compute nodes and the associated distributions. Additional detail is provided from performance counters for the data movement service, and SQL Server CPU metrics.

  • Distributed Queries
    View provides details about any live or historical requests, and the associated request steps.

    The Distributed Queries view provides details about any live or historical requests, and the associated request steps.

    Query collection thresholds can be set based on duration. The executed request, client, application, login, label, and resource class are provided along with pertinent performance metrics. When viewing a specific request, you can also view the related request step details including command, operation type, location type, and row count when appropriate.

  • Loads, Backups, and Restores
    Performance information, for both in-process and historical events.

    The Loads, Backups, and Restores grid displays information for both in-process and historical events. Load events information is displayed on rows processed, rejected, and inserted. Application, table, and client as well as other pertinent performance metrics are collected

    When available, load step details will be displayed including compute node specific details. Backup and restore events log similar information, including progress, operation type, database, application, and client information.

  • Intelligent Alerting
    Tap into rich alerting features to build notifications that are timely and meaningful.

    Built into DW Sentry are rich alerting features, allowing you to build alerts that are meaningful in your environments. Alerting areas covered via Advisory Conditions™ include health, distributed query performance thresholds, as well as load and backup performance.

    Complete control over your notification settings means you will always know what is happening without being inundated by useless alerts.

  • Event Calendar
    The Event Calendar is a rich display of all activity in a time synchronized calendar format.

    The Event Calendar lets you visualize where specific activities may impact others while providing the ability to "jump to" run-time performance graphs where you can see specific query performance trends, and drill into the details of specific activities.


DW Sentry

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