SQL Sentry for SQL Server

Get the most complete coverage for SQL Server and Windows. Simplify performance tuning by visualizing where problems exist for faster resolution. Streamline your defragmentation process and query tuning all in one place.

We have combined all the great SQL Sentry tools into a single unified solution to help you monitor and optimize the Microsoft data platform.

Everything you need for:
SQL Server and Windows Performance Monitoring, Event Management, Index Defragmentation and Query Plan Analysis, with Desktop, Web, and Mobile UIs.

*Performance Advisor, Event Manager, Fragmentation Manager, and Plan Explorer - Learn more

One Platform. All Performance.
Key Features
  • Performance Dashboard
    View real-time and historical SQL Server and Windows metrics side-by-side for full performance insight on a single screen.

    The dashboard contains information from a variety of sources, all consolidated and presented in an easy to read, easy to understand visual format.

    See exactly what is happening in real time, or switch to history mode and see what was happening at any time in the past.

    Easily switch between Top SQL, the Event Calendar, Disk Space and more to determine exactly what was happening when you experienced problems.

  • Top SQL
    Quickly identify the highest impact queries, and tune them using integrated Plan Explorer functionality.

    Quite a bit of query traffic goes through a database server every day, and it can be difficult to tell which queries to target for optimization. Top SQL makes this easy by providing you with the highest impact queries. Sort by duration, CPU, reads, or writes depending on what resource you are troubleshooting.

    Use Query Stats and Procedure Stats to identify queries that have short duration, but still impact performance by running thousands of times or more each day.

    Query execution plans are captured along with the queries themselves, and integrated Plan Explorer functionality can be used to tune Top SQL queries without ever leaving the SentryOne client.

  • Block Chain Analysis
    Visualize the full impact of blocking in SQL Server.

    Blocking is normal for database servers, but when processes are blocked for longer than expected, application performance will suffer.

    SentryOne detects long running block chains, and provides a detailed view highlighting every process that was waiting, and the process that was at the head of the blocking chain.

    Quickly identify the SPID, active query, wait time, wait type, wait resource, application, host, and several other important details for blocking processes.

  • Deadlock Analysis
    Easily explain one of the most complicated events that can occur in SQL Server.

    When processes block each other in such a way that there is no way forward a deadlock will occur, and one of the processes will fail to complete. SentryOne not only detects that this happened, but provides everything you need to decipher the complicated chain of events that lead to the deadlock.

    A break-down of the processes involved is provided, complete with query text, lock mode, transaction isolation level, and other vital details.

    The deadlock victim is highlighted in the deadlock diagram, and the order of operations is numbered along with lock modes for each process and resource involved in the deadlock.

    Using the deadlock diagram to explain the order of events for a deadlock is as easy as 1… 2… 3.

  • Event Calendar
    Use an Outlook-style calendar to view events and manage schedules for SQL Server processes.

    Gain unprecedented visibility and control over scheduling issues and event conflicts that can impact server performance. Quickly view historical and future schedule information at a glance, and easily resolve conflicts using drag-and-drop.

    The event history view provides flexible sorting and grouping capabilities, color-coded status indicators, and full step-level details for multi-step Agent jobs, SentryOne Index Analysis and Defragmentation, SSIS packages, SSRS reports, Top SQL events, and more.

  • Hyper-V and VMware Support
    View virtualization information on the dashboard, including VM host location, memory and CPU usage.

    Host system name and platform are displayed on the dashboard along with hypervisor version.

    Track and take action when the host name for a monitored guest VM changes so you know when a guest VM is moved to another host while running.

    View ballooned memory and CPU usage on the dashboard and quickly launch a new tab for the host.

  • Disk Performance Analysis
    Identify data and log files quickly and see how data flows through your disk system.

    The SentryOne patented Disk Activity view provides a graphical look into live disk system activity. You can easily identify data and log files to see where they reside on the system. For the first time, you can peer into your disk system in real time and see the hot spots!

    Disk activity and disk space visualizations use a new high performance, and more manageable presentation framework allowing the ability to dynamically scale the disk space graphs.

  • Intelligent Alerting
    Receive important notifications and avoid filling your inbox with insignificant alerts.

    Intelligent Alerting allows you to build alerts specific to your own monitored environment, using values and metrics retrieved from multiple sources and subsystems. Via Advisory Conditions™, you can easily create advanced performance alerting, enhanced change detection and Advisory rule sets.

    Create and share your own conditions with the SentryOne community through the cloud Condition Exchange.

  • Web and Mobile Access
    Get easily configurable, highly customizable cloud access to your performance data.

    Access many of the same views available in the SentryOne Client including all of the popular reporting options, the new alerting Events Log, and the Global Status view. Our unique Server Health Status view provides visibility into the health of your entire environment on a single screen.

    Go to cloud.sentryone.com

Additional Features

Target Any Server

Monitor servers with little or no access to the operating system. This allows for the monitoring of SQL Server instances running on virtual machines in cloud services like Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services.

Index Analysis

Find out when and how to perform defragmentation operations, when to adjust fill factors, or even when an index definition should be changed. Perform automated maintenance, view historical trends and more.

Global Server Status View

Be informed of the health status of all of your servers from a single easy to view screen. Save time by identifying poorly performing metrics on each of your servers quickly and efficiently.

AlwaysOn Monitoring

Three unique layouts provide you with the ability to view your environment in a way that makes the most sense to you. Uncover performance bottlenecks and view historical performance and health details over any date range.

SQL Server Blocking

View blocks while they are occurring, or historically, and see all of the most important details about all of the processes involved. Kill blocking processes directly from SQL Sentry.

SQL Server Deadlocks

Get a snapshot of all of the processes and resources involved in a deadlock. Be alerted whenever a deadlock occurs. No need to install any agents, set any trace flags, or perform any configuration on monitored servers.

Job Chaining

Advanced chaining features enable you to quickly and easily define dependencies and workflows involving SQL Agent jobs, and/or Windows tasks.

SSIS Support

Easy to enable detailed logging for SSIS packages with a few clicks, and view the results on the SQL Sentry calendar and history list views alongside any other events on a server.

History and Alert Filtering

Event sources have a configurable history filter which enables control over which events are collected, displayed on the calendar, and available for alerting.

Performance Reporting

Preformatted reports are available on any metrics SQL Sentry collects, from a global level down to individual counters.


SQL Sentry

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License option requires year one annual maintenance ($499) and provides technical support via e-mail and phone, software updates and version upgrades.


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Subscription pricing is based on a 12-month term paid in advance with automatic renewal at the end of the term.

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