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V Sentry for VMware

V Sentry provides VMware administrators and SQL Server DBAs with a unique view of resource utilization for VMware hosts. Analyze Network, CPU, Memory, and Storage performance for VMware hosts and their virtual machines (VMs).

Provide the information your DBAs need without having to grant direct access to the ESXi host. Allow everyone to troubleshoot and share information between SQL Server and vCenter.

One Platform. All Performance.
Key Features
  • VM Level Resource Utilization
    Identify VMs that are using the most resources at a glance.

    In a virtual environment, understanding where resources are used on a host is more important than ever. V Sentry provides a breakdown of how each server resource is being used by VMs right from the main performance dashboard. View a moment in time, or a running history. You can even see the effect of VMs being migrated to and from the host.

  • Ready Time and Co-Stop
    Critical VM performance metrics are available on host and guest VM dashboards.

    VMware measurements for ready time % and co-stop % relative to CPU usage help you understand CPU may be overcommitted, or VMs should be right-sized.

  • Patented Disk Activity View
    The same patented disk activity we provide for SQL Server, now applied to the VMware host environment.

    DBAs generally have only the view of storage performance from their database servers. Now view across both the database server and the virtual storage resources to truly understand I/O performance for the combined environment.

  • Disk Space View
    Provides graphical view of storage capacity for virtualized environments.

    The graphical view of storage capacity makes it easy to understand which virtual machines are using the most disk space.

    View how virtual machine files are distributed and organized across data stores and easily see when disk space is running low.

  • Tintri Storage Integration
    The most complete view of overall storage performance for every layer of the platform.

    Tintri’s leadership in the area of VM-aware storage, and their partnership with SentryOne has allowed us to provide a unique view of storage. Throughput and latency are now visualized for the host, VM, SQL Server, and the Tintri physical storage array. This allows instant recognition of the layer on which a storage bottleneck is occurring.


V Sentry

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1495 List price

License option requires year one annual maintenance ($299) and provides technical support via e-mail and phone, software updates and version upgrades.


90 Per month

Subscription pricing is based on a 12-month term paid in advance with automatic renewal at the end of the term.

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For more information or if you have questions about upgrading, contact sales: 704-895-6241 | 855-775-7733 toll-free | sales@sentryone.com

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