Elevate Performance across the Microsoft Data Platform

Fast resolution of performance issues. Actionable alerting, intuitive event management, and powerful performance analytics deliver fast and efficient database performance.

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"My only choice for SQL Server Performance Analysis"

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The One Platform for Physical, Virtual, and Cloud Performance.

The complete performance methodology
Monitor, Diagnose and Optimize feedback loop

SentryOne gathers all the vital information and presents it to you in a consolidated, actionable way.


Slow queries? Deadlocks? Low disk space? Easily determine the root cause of your problems.


Tune your server using performance dashboards, query plan analysis, and event management capabilities.

Solutions designed for SQL Server, Analysis Services, and Windows Server provide coverage for your entire physical environment, while our VMware and Hyper-V solutions add support for your virtual environments. Our solutions for Microsoft APS, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, and Azure SQL Database help you optimize specialized environments and cloud-based systems.

  • Seamless Integration

    The SentryOne client is the central application for managing server performance.

    Access all of your environment from a common user interface with consistent features and functionality.

    Easily jump between performance dashboards, event calendars, and query tuning without switching applications.

    A central monitoring service gathers data from all environments, minimizing potential overhead and providing easy administration.

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  • Scalability

    Monitor physical, virtual and cloud targets, for full visibility from one single operating platform.

    Whether you are running a single SQL Server, have hundreds of servers running in a virtual environment, or have databases or data warehouses in the cloud, SentryOne can scale to support your entire infrastructure.

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    Diagram of SentryOne connecting to cloud, physical and virtual environments
  • Lowest Overhead in the Industry

    Qualitative and quantitative information about the overhead impact you should expect from the SentryOne platform.

    We have gone to great lengths to produce consistent and realistic load tests, and to analyze the stresses that our monitoring can place on CPU, memory, network, and I/O while a typical load is running against a number of monitored SQL Server instances.

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    Graph demonstrating overhead differences between SentryOne and competitors (for illustrative and comparative purposes) What's the point of using a tool that in itself introduces performance-robbing overhead? Graph is for illustrative and comparative purposes
  • Performance Dashboards

    Performance Dashboards display information from a variety of sources.

    See precisely what is happening at the current time, or switch to history mode and see exactly what was happening at any time in the past.

    Easily jump to Top SQL, the Event Calendar, Disk Space, and more to determine exactly what was happening when you experienced problems.

    Diagram of SentryOne connecting to cloud, physical and virtual environments
  • Alerting

    Our built-in alerting provides customizable and flexible definition of conditions and response actions.

    Whether you want to send individual alerts, or notify groups of people, it’s easy to set up.

    Our advanced Advisory Conditions™ allow you to build alerts specific to your own monitored environment, using values and metrics retrieved from multiple sources and subsystems. Easily create advanced performance alerting and enhanced change detection via Advisory Conditions.

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  • Reporting

    The SentryOne platform delivers extensive performance reporting.

    Built in pre-formatted reports allow you to easily view and share information collected, and provide easy to understand actionable information.

    Use the built-in reports from the SentryOne client or publish to your own Microsoft SSRS server for sharing within your entire organization. Take it a step further and synchronize your data to cloud.sentryone.com and schedule reports for automatic delivery to anyone.

    Diagram of SentryOne connecting to cloud, physical and virtual environments
  • Cloud

    View your performance data from any Internet-enabled device, including phones and tablets.

    Cloud.sentryone.com is integrated with the SentryOne database to provide an easily-configurable and highly-customizable way to access your performance data from anywhere.

    Cloud.sentryone.com offers many of the same great features found in the SentryOne client, including reports, the alerting Events log, and the Global Status View. It also includes the new Server Health Status view, which provides a high level view of the health of your entire environment.

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    SentryOne logos on a laptop screen
The One Platform for Physical,
Virtual, and Cloud Performance.
Solutions on the SentryOne Platform
The All-in-One Performance Tool for SQL Server

We have combined all the great SQL Sentry tools* into a single unified solution to help you monitor and optimize the Microsoft data platform.

Everything you need for:

SQL Server and Windows Performance Monitoring, Event Management, Index Defragmentation and Query Plan Analysis, with Desktop, Web, and Mobile UIs.

* Performance Advisor, Event Manager, Fragmentation Manager, and Plan Explorer - Learn more


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