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Save time and money improving SQL Server performance

Every day your database performance lags, your business loses time and money. SolarWinds SentryOne Pro Services can quickly help by:

  • Deploying SentryOne and configuring it for your environment
  • Identifying your specific performance problems
  • Providing individual consultation to extend the value of your SentryOne investment

Our team, which includes in-house experts as well as an extensive network of qualified partners, has decades of combined database experience. We can provide expert services in helping you configure and manage the SentryOne platform. Let us show you how you can monitor, diagnose, and optimize your environment with SentryOne to save time and money improving SQL Server performance. 

Get Faster Time to Value with Pro Services

SentryOne Smart Start 


SentryOne Smart Start guides your team through deploying and configuring SentryOne so you can quickly begin monitoring, diagnosing, and optimizing your SQL Server estate.


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Performance Assessment 


Performance assessments leverage the expertise of our team in solving performance problems using the most advanced SQL Server monitoring solution available—SentryOne.


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Enterprise Premiere 


Enterprise Premiere is a complete package that includes installing and configuring SentryOne, conducting a performance assessment, and training for your team.


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Custom Consultation

Our Custom Consultation is an individualized engagement focused on improving the performance and reliability of your SQL Server estate, leveraging the power of the SentryOne platform. We work closely with your team to define project scope and outcomes.

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Accelerate your database performance today with SentryOne Pro Services. 

SentryOne Pro Services has a long track record of helping organizations find and fix their database problems.

"Their team has gone out of their way to get past any issues I am having. They genuinely care about my success." —SentryOne Customer



Have questions about SentryOne Pro Services? 

Check out our FAQs below, or contact Pro Services for immediate answers. 

Q: How are SentryOne Pro Services priced?

SentryOne Smart Start and SentryOne Performance Assessment are convenient, pre-defined packages. The Pro Services Custom Consultation is an individualized engagement, so our team will work closely with you to determine the scope of work. 

Q: How many hours of consultation does SentryOne Smart Start provide?

A: Smart Start includes up to 10 hours of consultation with our team to deploy SentryOne in your organization, including customized installation and configuration. Longer sessions to accommodate more complicated scenarios are available. For more information, see the full Smart Start description, or contact your SentryOne Pro Services team member for a session tailored to your needs. 

Q: I have installed SentryOne, but I have a specific database performance problem I can't resolve. Which Pro Services program do I need? 

A: The SentryOne Performance Assessment program is designed to solve specific database performance problems. Our SQL Sentry experts will uncover and help you fix your performance problem as quickly as possible. Pricing is based on hourly rates, and we offer packages with defined time sets to ensure you won't go over budget.

Q: I need help with general SQL Server database management. Can SentryOne Pro Services help?

A: SentryOne has partnerships with industry-leading consulting companies who can provide expert database management training. Contact Pro Services for more information.