Professional Services

Rock solid, high performing SQL Servers are vital to your organization’s success.

That’s why you depend on SentryOne to monitor the performance and reliability of your critical systems. But sometimes you need more - the help of a trusted advisor, an experienced DBA with a proven track record in problem resolution and performance tuning. Our Professional Services Organization can help you build and maintain a world-class SQL Server infrastructure. Using time-tested tools, methods and techniques, our staff provides highly-focused training, mentoring and consulting services to tackle your toughest issues using SentryOne. We are uniquely qualified to the power of our tools to create an environment that lets you sleep at night and focus on your business during the workday.

Our team members are real-world experts backed by in-house SQL Server MVPs with experience in a variety of industries such as healthcare, government, finance, media and retail.

Professional Consultation Packages

Jump start your SQL Server optimization program with our consultation packages or contact us to discuss a customized consultation agreement that fits your business needs.

SentryOne ROI Accelerator
Get Up to Speed—Fast.
SQL Server Performance Tuner
The Power of SentryOne.
Custom Consulting
Expertise on Tap.

Empower Yourself with SentryOne Training and Education

If your goal is to become the best, then education and training is a continual aspect of your job. Having access to training and educational resources provided by the industry’s top professionals is the best place to start.

SQL Sentry Power Essentials provides a wealth of information through 14 training modules. It is an instructor-led three day class for up to 12 students. Dive into real world approaches using SentryOne’s powerful toolset to identify and solve SQL Server performance issues.

SQL Sentry Power Essentials

Master the Capabilities. Learn More

Included Modules:
  • Performance Analysis and Event Calendar Overview
  • SentryOne Software Product Components
  • Key Concepts
  • Product Security Management
  • The SentryOne Client Interface
  • SentryOne Deployment Options
  • Creating an Effective Event Monitoring and Response System
  • Monitoring SQL Server and Windows Performance
  • Monitoring SQL Server HA Solutions
  • Monitor SQL Server Performance with Advisory Conditions™
  • Performance Troubleshooting and Tuning with SentryOne
  • Query Tuning using Plan Explorer
  • SentryOne Reporting and
What is your next step?

Choose from any of our cost saving packages or tap into the expertise of our Professional Services team for customized training and consulting.

To start the conversation, contact Professional Services at or call toll-free 855-775-7733.


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