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Rock-solid, high-performing SQL Servers are vital to your organization’s success. That’s why you depend on the SentryOne platform to monitor the performance and reliability of your business-critical systems. But occasionally you need more—the help of a trusted advisor, an experienced DBA with a proven track record in SQL Server problem resolution, performance tuning and expertise in your core solution set—SentryOne software.

Services we provide include:

  • Customized SentryOne platform deployment, configuration, and optimization
  • SentryOne software training
  • SQL Server performance assessments, performance troubleshooting, and resolution
  • SQL Server query performance assessments and recommendations
  • Assistance with mining the SentryOne database for reports, analytics, and integration with other tools


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Have questions about Custom Consultations?

Check our our FAQs below, or contact Pro Services for immediate answers. 

Q: How are Custom Consultations priced?

A: Our Pro Services team will work closely with you to tailor a consultation to your needs, and your fee will be based on an hourly rate. 

Q: How can I ensure my project won't go over budget?

A: We will define the scope of work, estimate the hours needed to complete the project, and give you a quote based on specified work. 

Q: What are some examples of projects covered by a Custom Consultation? 

A: Some examples are 1) getting a personalized walkthrough of installation and setup for SentryOne, 2) getting help identifying and solving a current performance problem, and 3) getting a custom consultation on solving a specific business problem such as creating reports, creating custom Advisory Conditions and associated actions, and mining the SentryOne repository.