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SentryOne Smart Start accelerates your time to value

Choosing SentryOne is the first step in achieving breakthrough database performance. Properly installing and configuring this powerful set of solutions is the next step. 

Speed your time to value with Smart Start, a focused engagement with SentryOne experts to install and configure SentryOne to meet the specific needs of your business. During your engagement, we will work with your team to:

  • Evaluate your current SentryOne implementation
  • Deploy and configure SentryOne Monitoring Services
  • Implement SentryOne repository maintenance tasks and performance optimizations
  • Configure SentryOne settings for your organization, including:
    • Global Settings
    • User preferences
    • Security settings
  • Implement a proactive, actionable system for essential global, failsafe, and audit alerts
  • Define and implement core, advanced performance alerting, change detection, and advisory rule sets
  • Configure SQL Server Index monitoring and management

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Have questions about Smart Start?

Check our our FAQs below, or fill out the form above for immediate answers. 

Q: How many hours of consultation does the Smart Start session provide?

A: The basic session includes up to 10 hours of consultation with our team to complete basic installation and configuration for your organization. Longer sessions to accommodate more complicated scenarios are available. Just ask your SentryOne Pro Services for a session tailored to your needs. 

Q: I have installed SentryOne, but I have a specific database performance problem I can't resolve. Can the Smart Start program help me? 

A: The SentryOne Pro Services Performance Assessment is designed to identify specific database performance problems. Our SQL Sentry experts will uncover your performance problem as quickly as possible. Pricing is based on hourly rates, and we offer packages with defined time sets to ensure you won't go over budget.

Q: I need help with general SQL Server database management. Can SentryOne Pro Services help?

A: SentryOne has partnerships with industry-leading consulting companies who can provide expert database management services and training. Fill out the form above for more information.