SQL Server Performance Tuner

Utilizing the power of SentryOne, we can identify and resolve SQL Server performance problems. If you are not currently using SentryOne tools, we will setup and configure the required SentryOne software needed to diagnose and document performance issues in your SQL Server environment.

What we do:

  • Analyze server performance using metrics-based methods
  • Use the client dashboard to identify resource bottlenecks
  • Correlate dashboard performance metrics to top SQL, blocking, disk subsystem and calendar views of server activity
  • Compare peak resource utilization periods to established baselines
  • Use Plan Explorer to analyze query plans of resource intensive queries
  • Identify and correct your most pressing SQL Server performance issues, such as:
    • SQL Server configuration optimization
    • Current and potential resource bottlenecks and contention
    • Database design related issues
    • Index usage and effectiveness
    • Index and statistics maintenance
    • Blocking and Deadlocks
    • Poor performing queries
  • Develop a SQL Server performance improvement program
  • Document the entire effort, including valuable before and after performance metrics
SQL Server Performance Tuner
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