Secure Web Access to Your SentryOne Performance Data is integrated with the SentryOne repository to provide an easily configurable and highly customizable way to access your performance data from anywhere. You can view your data from any Internet-enabled device, including phones and tablets. offers many of the same great features found in the SentryOne Client including reports, the alerting Events Log, and the Global Status View. It also includes the new Server Health Status view, which provides a high level view of the health of your entire environment.

Since security is of utmost importance, you have control over which types of information can get synced to the cloud. You also have the option to alias the names of computers, servers and databases before they are synced.

Server Health Status

The Server Health Status provides a high level view of the health of your environment. Its two major components are the Server Health Indicator and the Score. The Server Health Indicator provides a visual representation of a server’s health and the Score gives you a metric to use to quickly evaluate your servers’ health.

  • Consistent relative scoring of all servers
  • Multiple scoring metrics (waits, events)
  • Single view of entire environment by criticality
  • View detail or aggregate scores (Global, Site, Group, Computer)
  • Drill through environment to find connections with issues
  • Supports desktop and mobile devices

Condensed View

The Condensed View provides a quick view of the overall health of your entire environment. Quickly spot problematic servers and drill down in to details.


Detail View

The Detail View provides the score breakdown and service uptime for each computer/connection. This view also provides scores by category or event tag.


Grouped Mode

The Grouped Mode is available for both the Condensed View and the Detail View. This mode allows you to group the computers/connections as they are in the SentryOne Client Navigator pane.


Condition Exchange

The Condition Exchange allows you to download pre-built Advisory Conditions™ and deploy them to your own environment.

  • Download directly to SentryOne Client
  • Publish your own conditions between installations
  • Searchable by Publisher and/or Tag

Empowered by Professionals

In addition to the base set of conditions included with SentryOne Platform and solutions, you can download Advisory Conditions written by well-known DBAs and industry experts.


Two ways to try it ...

In our demo environment

Get full access to the SentryOne demo environment to explore these powerful visualization capabilities across all of your devices.

Try it now - Live demo


In your environment

 Install SentryOne client 8.2 or later

 Configure cloud synchronization

 Log in to requires the SentryOne Platform and a account. You can create an account when you enable sync in the Client.


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