Manage Data Performance from Your Mobile Device


SentryOne Monitoring Mobile App for iOS and Android


Access your SQL Server monitoring data anytime, anywhere

Managing database performance can be frustrating when you can't get adequate details you need at the right time. When database performance problems threaten to slow the delivery of data to your users, you need to respond quickly.

The SentryOne Monitoring Mobile App for iOS and Android devices gives you data performance management at your fingertips, with custom settings to display the most pertinent information for your environment:

  • Three views of your database environment health
  • Real-time push notifications of critical advisory condition events
  • Data filters you can customize to your needs



See actionable metrics in three distinct views

Three main views in the SentryOne Monitoring Mobile App give you an overview of the most actionable metrics you need to manage your data platform, including wait times, events ranked by severity, and any events that you have tagged through custom filters. 


Wait Times

The Wait Time view reports the amount of time a certain number of user sessions are waiting to be handled.

Wait Time View

Severity Events View

The Severity Events view shows the SentryOne Environment Health Score as reported by events at each level of your environment.
Severity View

Tagged Events View

You can set filters  from within the mobile app to customize the Tagged Events view.
Tag View

Customize settings for your environment

You can customize the mobile app to display the most relevant information for your environment, including flagging specific events, setting filter options, and configuring push notifications.  

Flagging Events

From within the mobile app, you can flag specific events so that you can refer to them later by opening the side menu and choosing "All Flagged Events."

Setting Filters

You can set various filters to refine the view of data you see in the mobile app, including:

  • View mode
  • Minimum wait time
  • Maximum wait time
  • Score threshold
  • Start time
  • End time

You can also create custom filtering tags on the Windows client, and those tag filter options will appear in the app. 

Setting Push Notifications

You can customize push notifications based on specific events to ensure you receive the most relevant alerts about your environment. 


Custom filters

Custom push notifications

Drill into details

From within the mobile app, you can click on an event or push notification to show more details that will help you respond accordingly. 


Share your Environment Health Score

Simply tap the share button to send a snapshot of your Environment Health Score to team members and leaders.

Event Detail View.png border

Event detail


Notification Expanded

Notification detail

New to SentryOne?

SentryOne is the most capable, scalable solution for monitoring, diagnosing, and optimizing SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, and the Microsoft Data Platform. For more information, check out the SentryOne overview, drop by a public demo, or download a free trial to start proactively managing database performance.