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Supercharge your database management capabilities

The responsibilities—and challenges—DBAs face on a daily basis have drastically increased over the past several years. Without the right tools in place, you can spend a significant amount of time fire-fighting SQL Server database performance challenges, tracking data origin and dependencies for compliance purposes, and maintaining up-to-date documentation.

The SentryOne DBA Power Pack bundle can help you save time and money with three powerful database management solutions. Gain enhanced visibility into your database environment, troubleshoot and optimize SQL Server performance, and manage your databases.

Efficiently monitor, document, analyze, and administer your ever-changing data estate with SQL Sentry, DOC xPress, and DBA xPress.


Save with the DBA Power Pack Bundle

With the DBA Power Pack, save more than 20% off three robust SentryOne solutions that help you proactively manage database performance, documentation, and administration.

What's Included in the DBA Power Pack


SQL Sentry Product IconSQL Sentry

Monitor, diagnose, and optimize SQL Server performance in physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

SQL Sentry delivers powerful, scalable SQL Server database performance monitoring. Solve—and prevent—database performance problems that can delay the delivery of critical business data or even halt business data systems.

  • View real-time performance metrics in an intuitive dashboard, and easily drill down for further analysis

  • Proactively manage performance and eliminate alert fatigue with customizable Advisory Conditions

  • Detect and resolve deadlocks

  • Analyze and optimize queries with built-in Plan Explorer

  • Manage SQL Server events with an Outlook-style calendar that you can customize to track event chains and other information

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DOCxpressDOC xPress

Automatically generate data documentation, analyze data lineage, and annotate SQL Server and BI platforms.

Efficiently and accurately document your entire Microsoft Data Platform environment with DOC xPress. Manage database metadata and documentation to ensure your data systems seamlessly support business operations and facilitate regulatory compliance.

  • Automatically generate documentation in a variety of formats for SQL Server, SSAS, SSIS, SSRS, Excel, and more

  • Analyze data lineage to discover where data came from, how it’s being used, and data dependencies

  • Capture metadata snapshots so that you can compare environments before and after changes

  • Collect important business information, add business definitions to items in the documentation, and create custom fields in the data dictionary

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DBAxpressDBA xPress

Compare, synchronize, and navigate database schema across your environment.

DBA xPress simplifies administering large SQL Server data estates, enabling data teams to understand dependencies among data sets and to see connections among security policies and other business rules.

  • Compare databases and synchronize schema and data within them

  • Analyze dependencies and connections among tables, users, functions, and security policies

  • Browse the content of SQL Server databases, access the scripts for each object, and export them into an XML file

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Save More Than 20% with the DBA Power Pack Bundle



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SQL Sentry
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DOC xPress
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DBA xPress
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