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Need to understand dependencies across your data environment?


Managing large data estates is challenging. It’s hard to track the dependencies among your databases, particularly if your data estate is constantly changing through growth or acquisitions.

Common problems include difficulties understanding the differences among databases, inadequate solutions for comparing data schema, and the inability to track dependencies and connections so that you can successfully manage data, users, and security.


DBA xPress helps data managers visualize data dependencies across their data estate

DBA xPress makes it easier to manage changing data estates


SentryOne DBA xPress simplifies managing large data estates by providing solutions for comparing data schema and browsing through database content:

  • Compare databases and synchronize schema and data within them

  • Analyze dependencies and connections among tables, users, functions, and security policies

  • Browse content of SQL Server databases, access the scripts for each object, and export them into an XML file

Automate schema and data comparisons through the command line


Automating repetitive tasks can save you time, reduce the risk of human error, and streamline processes. Enjoy these benefits as you manage your ever-changing data estate—with DBA xPress and the command line, you can automate schema and data comparisons.

  • Run data and schema comparisons as part of your CI/CD pipeline

  • Run data comparisons against your production and development environments on a set schedule to keep data synchronized between databases

  • Run regular schema comparisons and automatically synchronize schema differences as well as generate scripts that will write the results to a file for historical tracking purposes

When automating DBA xPress comparisons through the command line, you can specify actions that will be executed based on the results of the comparison. For example, generate a SQL script that outputs the results of the comparison and/or immediately synchronize databases.

Schema Inspector

The DBA xPress Schema Inspector helps you view the differences between database schema and synchronize databases. You can compare a production database to schema in a development environment. You can see various statistics about the items you're comparing, apply filters, change settings, and create reports. You can also synchronize the two environments in three different ways:

You can apply the synchronization directly against the target database, create a script that can be used to update the target, or use a hybrid approach that applies a direct synchronization and generates a script that you can re-use.

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Data Inspector

The DBA xPress Data Inspector creates detailed comparisons between the data stored in two different databases and helps you sync data between databases. When the comparison is complete, you can see details such as tables that have rows found only in the source or only in the destination, as well as rows that are different between the two. 

As with the Schema Inspector, you have three options for synchronizing databases:  through direct synchronization to the target, by generating a script, or through a hybrid method that creates scripts and directly alters the database. 

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Data Surf

Data Surf displays data in a table and shows how that data relates to other tables. With Data Surf, you can generate a diagram of your data tables and the rows in that table, including a display of parent tables and child tables. You can change focus by adding or deleting tables to the diagram. You can zoom in and out on the diagram, change the color of the tables, and color the node and all dependents. You can also save your session and export the diagram as an image. 

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Schema Surf

Schema Surf allows DBAs to find out how objects in a database are related, including schema dependencies between security policy, functions, tables and users. You can easily see schema dependencies, foreign key dependencies. You can color-code nodes and dependents. You can zoom in and out of the diagram you create, and navigate through the diagram. You can save the session and export the diagram as an image.


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Data Space Analyzer

Data Space Analyzer helps you manage your growing data estate by displaying graphs of available database disk space. After selecting a database to analyze, you'll see a graph of the primary file group. You can drill into the details, including information about specific tables and indexes, and you can change the style of the chart. 

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Object Browser

The object browser in DBA xPress lets you view detailed information about objects inside a SQL Server database and generate DDL scripts. With the object browser, you can browse, search, and filter the contents of SQL Server databases and instantly access  the script of each object. You can drill into and filter on all objects in a particular schema, including tables, primary key constraints, and check constraints. 

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DBA xPress Pricing Options

DBA provides next-generation SQL Server tools tailored for performance and ease of use when architecting or administering large Microsoft SQL Server database systems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is DBA xPress licensed?

DBA xPress is licensed per user, per machine where it is used. Please contact sales@sentryone.com for more information.

What are the system requirements for DBA xPress?

  • SQL Server Integration Services 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2014 or 2016
  • BIDS 2005, 2008, 2008 R2 (Business Intelligence Development Studio), or SSDT 2010, 2012 (SQL Server Data Tools)
  • Microsoft ® .NET 3.5 with Service Pack 1
  • Microsoft ® .NET 4.0
  • Microsoft ® Report Viewer 2005
  • Microsoft ® SQL Server ® 2012 Transact-SQL ScriptDom x86

What is the difference between BI xPress and DBA xPress? (DBA xPress is included in the Pro version of BI xPress.)

DBA xPress is a suite of tools designed to aid the DBA with the management of their SQL Servers and data. BI xPress Pro includes DBA xPress with it.