Enhanced Platform Installer: Automatically Deploy SentryOne Updates Across Your Environment


What is the Enhanced Platform Installer?

The Enhanced Platform Installer is an upgrade application that automates SentryOne software updates, saving you time and resources while ensuring your SentryOne solutions remain up to date.

You'll find this feature in:

SQL Sentry | DW Sentry | APS Sentry

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Want to quickly deploy SentryOne across your entire organization?

Keeping software up to date across your environment can be a challenge, particularly if you have a large data estate. But staying current with the latest SentryOne releases is easy: The SentryOne Enhanced Platform Installer (EPI), introduced in SentryOne 19.1.1, is an upgrade app that automates SentryOne software updates.

After deploying the Enhanced Platform Installer, customers can install any future updates by downloading the latest upgrade package, which updates all SentryOne monitoring services and sets all SentryOne clients to update at the next start. This innovative approach gives enterprises with large SQL Server environments optimal control over the upgrade process while shortening the deployment time.



See how easy it is to deploy the Enhanced Platform Installer and upgrade SentryOne


Deploying the SentryOne Enhanced Platform Installer

Upgrading SentryOne after Deploying the Enhanced Platform Installer

Stay current with rapid release cycles

The Enhanced Platform Installer helps you take advantage of our rapid cycle of innovation while minimizing your time deploying updates. Plus, you'll retain complete control over the timing of the upgrade.


Enhanced Platform Installer Feature Summary

  • Save time in deploying SentryOne updates across your environment
  • Maintain control of the upgrade process
  • Easily stay current with SentryOne release cycles 

“The Enhanced Platform Installer makes managing our clients’ critical data assets even easier. This new capability solidifies SentryOne as the de facto database monitoring choice for companies managing SQL Server environments of any size.”

—Ben DeBow, president and founder of Fortified Data, a managed service provider and longtime SentryOne partner

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