Event Calendar: Manage SQL Server and Windows Events in a Visual Calendar

What is the SolarWinds SQL Sentry Event Calendar?

The SQL Sentry Event Calendar is a capability that combines both historical and future SQL Server and Windows event data in a visual, Outlook-style display. With the Event Calendar, you can identify and fix potential conflicts between multiple events—such as SQL Server jobs or Windows scheduled tasks—competing for the same resources, which can slow database performance.

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Struggling to efficiently manage SQL Server and Windows jobs and tasks?


Managing scheduled events in your database environment is a challenge that can quickly burn through time and resources. Microsoft Management Studio doesn’t provide an easy way to see scheduled SQL Server jobs or send notifications when tasks take longer than expected.

As a workaround, you can extract relevant information from the SQL Server Agent Job History and import it into Outlook. But wouldn’t you rather have a solution that automates this process for you?  

The SQL Sentry Event Calendar answers that call.

The most comprehensive SQL Server event management solution on the market, the SQL Sentry Event Calendar gives you the details you need in a visual format so you can easily identify and address potential event conflicts.


The SQL Sentry Event Calendar shows historical and future SQL Server and Windows event data in an Outlook-style calendar.


View and manage all your database environment events in a single calendar


SentryOne Event Calendar is a centralized event log management capability that visually displays events across all monitored SQL Server instances and helps you automate workflows so you can proactively improve performance. The Event Calendar shows you Windows and SQL Server events in a familiar, Outlook-style calendar. With the Event Calendar, you can:

  • View both historical and future event data
  • Drag and drop future events to reschedule them
  • View event failures and potential conflicts that could lead to resource contention on the server
  • Drill down on specific tasks and events and view their history in the SentryOne Performance Analysis Dashboard


SentryOne Event Conflicts Screenshot


Filter events

The Event Calendar offers powerful filtering capabilities. You can filter calendar events to see, for example, only events associated with SQL Server deadlocks. You can set which event sources and types appear on the calendar.

Track job runtime

With the Event Calendar, you can track the runtime for monitored SQL Server agent jobs. You can compare runtimes for different server instances—for example, when a job will run after a cluster failover. You can also set up Event Chains, which consist of the series of SQL Server Agent jobs or Windows-scheduled tasks running on the same server, or different servers. With Event Chains, you can automate a series of events that need to follow a specific sequence.

Set proactive notifications

You can also use SQL Sentry Advisory Conditions with the Event Calendar to set automated notifications for your monitored tasks and jobs so you’ll know when database server runtime thresholds have been met or failures take place.


What You Can Do with the Event Calendar

  • Manage SQL Server and Windows events with a centralized, graphical Outlook-style Event Calendar
  • View both historical and future event data
  • Use the Event Calendar to automatically reschedule future SQL Server tasks
  • View contention issues in a graphical format
  • Drill down on events and troubleshoot them within the SQL Sentry Performance Analysis dashboard
  • Filter the events display on your calendar by events for a particular server
  • Filter events by event type (deadlocks, for example) or event source
  • Use the Event Calendar for SQL Server Agent Job, Alert, and Log events; Windows Tasks and Event Log events; and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) events
  • And more

“The SQL Sentry Event Calendar helps us to discover the overlapping jobs; we were able to ‘chain them’ and nowadays it is very easy to schedule a job.”

—Leonardo Velez, Database Administrator, Portima


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