Performance Analysis Dashboard:
SQL Server Performance Overview


What performance monitoring is available in SolarWinds SQL Sentry for SQL Server on Linux?

The SQL Sentry Performance Analysis Dashboard gives an overall snapshot of database environment health across the Microsoft Data Platform. You can easily drill down into details to uncover the root cause of performance problems. 

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DBAs need a holistic view of their performance data.

Wish you could quickly get an overview of all your SQL Server environment performance data in a single dashboard?  What if this dashboard:

  • Showed data for all SQL Server instances you are monitoring

  • Scaled to support monitoring for hundreds of server instances

  • Allowed you to administer your environment at the right level of detail

No other performance monitoring tool on the market comes close to the power and depth of the SQL Sentry Performance Analysis Dashboard.

Monitor all aspects of your environment from a single dashboard display


With the Performance Analysis Dashboard, you can display important database performance metrics used in determining both the load and health of the monitored SQL Server instance.

The SQL Sentry dashboard shows you both your Windows (or virtual host) metrics and the metrics related to the monitored database server. You have two dashboard modes: Sample mode, and History mode. In Sample mode, you can see activity for a specific time, and in History mode, you display how Windows and the SQL Server instance have been performing over a selected time period.

In History mode, you can also overlay your display with a baseline that shows your server's current performance data relative to the chosen benchmark baselines.  In this view, you might even see warning indicators for various SQL Sentry Advisory Conditions.  

Advisory Conditions are an alerting and response system that allows you to truly customize SQL Sentry to respond to any condition with complex logic based on performance thresholds, query results, and more.

The dashboard is split into different sections, including the Network section, which displays the network traffic and utilization of information related to a monitored server. The CPU usage section shows the total CPU usage of the server as well as details on context switching, user time, kernel time, and more.  


Performance Analysis Dashboard Feature Summary

The SQL Sentry Performance Analysis Dashboard offers the deepest insights into SQL Server performance available in the industry:

  • Provides comprehensive dashboarding capabilities to help monitor any size SQL Server installation.
  • Offers two modes, Sample and History, for viewing various performance metrics.
  • Shows SQL Server and Windows (or virtual host) metrics in two distinct viewing panes.
  • Displays performance data, in colored graphs and charts, that are most appropriate for a particular metric.
  • Shows warning indicators to alert on Advisory Conditions set by you.
  • Allows you to navigate between the dashboard and other performance analysis tabs seamlessly.

“The charts on the dashboard are great. They give a quick view of CPU usage, SQL Server Waits, System Memory, Disk and network IO. Within the charts, they show what is being used not only by SQL Server, but also by other processes, so you can quickly start isolating where to look for problem areas.”

—Chuck Hieber, Database Administrator | GreatAmerica Financial Services 


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