Windows Hyper-V Host Monitoring: Identify Performance Problems Across the Environment

What is Hyper-V Host Monitoring?

Windows Hyper-V Host Monitoring is a capability in SentryOne Win Sentry that gives you insight into Hyper-V performance metrics so you can identify and address problems that might affect other systems in the environment, including SQL Server databases. 

You'll find this feature in:

Win Sentry


Are Hyper-V performance problems dragging down your SQL Server databases?

If you have SQL Server databases running in a Hyper-V environment, performance problems caused by virtual machine (VM) resource contentions could affect database performance, too.

 When the host server has limited hardware resources available, those resources must be shared among the virtual machines and by the Windows hypervisor (Hyper-V). If you have limited resources, then performance of databases and applications running in that virtual environment could suffer.

Knowing whether you're running into network, CPU, memory, disk IO, or physical storage space problems is critical to overcoming these types of bottlenecks.

No matter what your virtual environment setup is, you need a monitoring tool that helps you monitor, diagnose, and optimize your physical and virtual hosts.  

That’s where Win Sentry from SentryOne comes in.

Win Sentry gives you a unique view of resource utilization for all your Windows Server and Hyper-V hosts.



Monitor Hyper-V performance metrics affecting your virtual environment


The Win Sentry dashboard helps you monitor real-time and historical host-level metrics and usage for Hyper-V.  It provides a per-VM breakdown of resource utilization so that you can find the “noisy neighbor” that could be causing performance issues.  

The dashboard is broken down into two panels.

The left side shows the resource utilization—including network, CPU usage, system memory, and disk IO—of the host.

The right side of the dashboard shows which guest VMs are making use of those host resources, helping you identify which guests are using more than their fair share.


Hyper-V Host - SentryOne Screenshot

What You Can Do with Hyper-V Monitoring

  • Monitor your Hyper-V environment in real-time and historical view over time
  • Analyze all-important host resources
  • View resource utilization for each VM
  • Monitor disk activity and space utilization
  • And much more!

“With the SentryOne support for VMware host monitoring, the data team is able to see potential bottlenecks in data processing, particularly during the four months each year that we’re focused on our non-traditional, tax-based business.”

—Jeff Rouse, Senior DBA, Republic Bank


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