Upgrading from LegiTest to SentryOne Test

FAQ for current LegiTest and Workbench customers


As of July 2019, LegiTest (formerly produced by Pragmatic Works Software and acquired by SentryOne in 2018) is now SentryOne Test. The new SentryOne Test is now offered in two different configurations: 1) cloud-based and 2) on-premises.


How does the cloud-based SentryOne Test work?

SentryOne Test consists of three core elements that form a secure, automated testing framework:

  • Remote agent that enables distributed test execution

  • SentryOne Test Visual Studio Extension (formerly LegiTest)

  • SentryOne Test web portal (formerly LegiTest Server) that lets you deploy test projects and then programmatically call them as needed


What are the advantages of using the cloud-based SentryOne Test over the on-premises configuration?

With the cloud-based version, you no longer have to install, configure, and maintain the components on your own servers. You can build tests online using convenient, built-in wizards. Or you can choose to download the Visual Studio extension and build tests in a familiar developer environment. You can deploy a remote agent on-premises to enable access to internal data sources. And you can view test results in an online dashboard that’s easily shareable with team members and stakeholders.


In the cloud version, is there a limit to the number of remote agents I can deploy?

The cloud version supports one remote agent per each user account. If you need to deploy more remote agents, please contact us to learn about options for enterprise licensing.


In the cloud version, is there a limit to the number of users who can access the test results?

The cloud version supports multiple users, but each one needs a user account.


Does the cloud version include the Visual Studio extension?

Yes, the cloud version includes the Visual Studio extension, so developers can build tests in the Visual Studio environment.


What does the remote agent do?

With the remote agent, you can execute tests locally on servers across a distributed environment. This enables tests to run against your local data sources, without you having to reconfigure your network or firewall.


Can I build tests without the Visual Studio extension?

Yes. You can use pre-built test wizards in SentryOne Test to conduct data testing and share the testing results without using the Visual Studio extension. You can also build custom tests. The Visual Studio extension is a powerful option for building tests that enables developers to work in a familiar environment. If you build tests within the VS environment, you can render the tests from VS, automate the tests, and integrate them with Azure DevOps Server as part of a continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) process.


Is the component formerly called LegiTest Server still available?

No. SentryOne Test replaces LegiTest Server. The original LegiTest Server is no longer available as a standalone option. You can get an on-premise version of SentryOne Test, which offers additional functionality and easier configuration.


What is my upgrade path from my current perpetual license of LegiTest or LegiTest Server?

In general, you’ll upgrade to the cloud version of SentryOne Test if you’re currently a LegiTest standard edition user. If you’re using LegiTest Server, you’ll upgrade to the on-premises version of SentryOne Test. Contact sales for more details on special upgrade offers for our current customers.

  • SentryOne Test Cloud is ideal for companies with 1-2 developers or data specialists who need to write tests and share test results with a smaller number of team members

  • SentryOne Test On-Premises provides licenses for 5 developers, 2 remote agents, and 10 browser-only user licenses. (Browser-only users have access to the SentryOne Test server and can create tests; however, they don’t have access to the Visual Studio extension.) This version of SentryOne Test is the best option for users who have Workbench Server or LegiTest Server and multiple LegiTest clients.

  • Enterprise quotes are available for companies with larger environment or particular needs.


Are there any differences in capabilities between the cloud-based version of SentryOne Test and the on-premises version?

No. Both versions have the same capabilities. However, if you choose SentryOne Test Cloud, you won’t have to install, configure, and maintain components on your own servers.


Where can I learn more about SentryOne Test?

Check out the following resources:

You can also contact the SentryOne team with any questions at sales@sentryone.com or 855-775-7733.