How To Publish Tests To The LegiTest Server

These steps and video will show you how to publish a test assembly to the SentryOne LegiTest server.

Step 1: Make sure that any values you need to have parameterized or changed dynamically on the server are set up as parameters. To publish it to the server, right-click on the Project - Publish to LegiTest Server.

Step 2: Choose a Target. For this example, we will be choosing the LegiTest Server with localhost as the specific instance. Leave all of the other options with their defaults. Click Ok.

Step 3: Look at your Output window (tab along bottom), which will show that it has built and published successfully.

Step 4: Open your browser and look at the LegiTest Server Summary page. This should display the assembly that you’ve published. For it to show up for the first time, a test has to be executed with the publish options set. You can do this via the command line, which was shown in a previous video, or you can use the command-line runner on the server.

Step 5: You can run a test once it has been published and browse the results. You run the test using the green arrow. We can also manage the test, using the wrench icon, which gives us the option to setup a time to run the test and edit the parameters.


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