How To Publish Results To A LegiTest Server

These steps will show you how to publish your test results to a SentryOne LegiTest Server for validation and a review of the test. In this video, we show how to prepare a test and run it locally on a client, while still publishing it to a LegiTest Server. We demonstrate with a LegiTest TestSuite.

Step 1: Right-click the test under the Solution Explorer tab and select Publish to LegiTest Server.

Step 2: Set a target, folder, results mode, results server, and configuration. Click OK.

Step 3: This will create a build behind the scenes and within a few seconds, it should be finished. Go into your output folder and you should see a number of files from your project.

Step 4: Open a command prompt. I am using the Developer Command Prompt for Visual Studio 2015, which means the VS Test Runner Console is already part of the path. This makes the process easier and I would highly advise using it.

Step 5: Enter in vstest.console.exe, then specify the name of the DLL that has the test in it that you want to run. Since you are already in the output folder, you won’t need to specify a path to it.

Step 6: Hit return and it will begin executing the test. After this is finished, it will show if the test was successful or not.

Step 7: Go to your LegiTest Server summary online, which will show your last run and the details of it. You may need to refresh your page, but you should then see the most recent results.


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