How To Test An Integer In LegiTest

These steps and video show how to test an integer value in SentryOne LegiTest. We will be testing it using the stored procedure created in an earlier tutorial. The stored procedure takes in a state, which would be NY in this case, and is expected to output the count of students in that state. The stored procedure is putting its value into a resource key called Student Count, so we’ll use that from our assertion.

 Step 1: Click on the assertions tab and drag the Integer Comparison into it. Double-click it to configure. You can compare against a StaticValue or another Resource Key. For this example, we use a StaticValue since we know there are 433 students.

Step 2: Enter a number into the Comparison Value. For this example, we are using 433, which is the number of students.

Step 3: Select the Resource Key box and click the ellipsis button on the right. I will select the StudentCount (Scalar Value) Resource Key.

Step 4: Select a Comparison Mode. I will be using equal, but there are numerous options depending on the results you want to receive.

Step 5: Rename your assertion by left-clicking it.


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