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Accurately documenting databases is challenging


One of the biggest obstacles in managing a database environment is continuously maintaining accurate, up-to-date documentation. Current documentation, including a clear understanding of the data's origin, is critical to ensure adherence to business rules.

Challenges data teams face in maintaining documentation include:

  • Significant time investment in maintaining up-to-date documentation, particularly in constantly changing environments

  • Difficulties tracking data lineage, a crucial step in ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations such as GDPR, CASL, and others

  • Frustrations with analyzing metadata to track how data has changed over time—and who has touched the data

With DOC xPress, you can automatically document databases and track data lineage, which helps you comply with business rules and data privacy regulations. 

Automatically generate database documentation with DOC xPress


SentryOne DOC xPress helps you efficiently and accurately document your entire Microsoft Data Platform environment, ensuring that your data systems support business rules and facilitate compliance with data regulations.

With DOC xPress, you can generate metadata dictionaries with detailed business annotations that help the organization better understand the source of data changes. The data lineage analysis feature helps you track data origin and understand the impact of changes across tables, databases, servers, packages, cubes, and reports. DOC xPress also includes a snapshot feature that helps you compare database versions over time.

Explore how DOC xPress simplifies documenting databases

Analyze data lineage 

Easily discover where data comes from, how it’s being used, and how changes to one object in your environment can impact other areas. With DOC xPress, you can visualize data dependencies, pinpoint the source of data in reports. Understanding data origin helps you ensure compliance with data privacy regulations such as GDPR, CASL, and others. 

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Manage metadata discovery

Streamline the process of collecting metadata from across your data estate. Automated scanning of metadata allows documents to be kept up-to-date with little to no interaction by users. With DOC xPress, you can capture important business information such as data timeliness and other attributes, add business definitions to items in the documentation, and create custom fields in the data dictionary.

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Compare metadata versions

Easily capture metadata snapshots so you can compare environments before and after changes. The metadata version comparison capability in DOC xPress records solution configuration, including information about sources, and maintains a version history chain. You can generate documentation based on a specific point in time, and track environment changes over time.

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Automatically document databases

With DOC xPress, you can generate documentation in a variety of formats for SQL Server, SSAS, SSIS, SSRS, Excel, Oracle, Hive and many more data sources. The Solution Wizard guides you through configuring the documentation, and you can document environments instantly, without waiting for sources to load. You can use built-in providers to import data or create your own custom providers.

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Doc xPress Server Edition

Use Server Edition to share documentation across your business

DOC xPress Server Edition brings the metadata capabilities of the desktop application to a web application that you host, making it much easier to share documentation, lineage, and data dictionary information in your organization. Users can interact with every aspect of the documentation, including lineage and impact, data dictionary, and metadata snapshot comparisons.

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Compare features in DOC xPress editions

Feature Comparison

Feature Standard
Pro + Server
Impact Analysis   X X
Object Lineage    X X
Data Dictionary   X X
Data Dictionary Import/Export   X X
Metadata Viewer   X X
Role-Based Output   X X
Snapshot Comparison   X X
Snapshot Command Line Schedulers X X X
Snapshot Management X X X
Snapshot Process X X X
Document Generation Process X X X
Document Image Support X X X
Import External Sources X X X
Multiple Format Support X X X
Solution Wizard X X X
Tableau Provider X X X
Technologies Supported X X X
In-Line Data Dictionary Edits      X
Visual Studio/SQL Server Data       X
Web-Based Client Access      X

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Frequently Asked Questions


How are DOC xPress and DOC xPress Server licensed?

DOC xPress is licensed per user, per machine where it is used. DOC xPress Server can support up to 1000 users (if hardware permits). Please contact for more information.

Does DOC xPress support encrypted packages and passwords? 

Yes, DOC xPress supports SSIS projects and ISPAC that encrypt passwords. It also supports encrypted SSIS packages.

Can I view a sample document?

You can! Click here to see a sample document.

What are the differences between DOC xPress Pro and Server?

DOC xPress Server makes it easier to share and explore documentation across the enterprise. It eliminates the need to install DOC xPress Pro to view documentation, do lineage analysis, and update data dictionaries.

What are the system requirements for DOC xPress?

  • SQL Server Integration Services 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2014 or 2016
  • BIDS 2005, 2008, 2008 R2 (Business Intelligence Development Studio), or SSDT 2010, 2012 (SQL Server Data Tools)
  • Microsoft ® .NET 3.5 with Service Pack 1
  • Microsoft ® .NET 4.0
  • Microsoft ® SQL Server ® 2012 Transact-SQL ScriptDom x86

Can I customize the way my documentation works?

The DOC xPress and DOC xPress Server templates are used to lend form and reason to the output. They are fully customizable and control what information is included in the documentation.