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Pragmatic Workbench BI xPress Server | SentryOne

BI xPress Server

A web-based server solution that gives you the monitoring and management features of BI xPress to easily share information about your BI systems throughout your organization. Easily monitor SSRS reports and SSIS packages, dive into performance trends and notify users when packages succeed or fail.

  • Monitor SSIS execution and performance in real-time
  • Historical trend report dashboard for SSIS execution performance
  • Deliver customizable, targeted notifications about the events occurring in your SSIS packages to the people who need to know

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LegiTest Server gives your users a hub to understand and monitor the quality of your data-centric solutions. It delivers the ability to execute, view and share your test results with others in real-time. It also tracks historical results for the tests, giving you the ability to compare and validate today’s test results against previous dates. The powerful integration with the Notification Engine enables you to notify your users when tests and data validation succeeds or fails, giving everyone in the organization trust in the data you develop.

  • Use the dashboard to enable customers to get a tailored view of the tests, relevant to their specific needs and concerns
  • Using DOC xPress Server integration, generate an inventory of the objects in your environment to determine how well your tests cover your data-centric systems
  • Take advantage of the detailed error information to identify, diagnose and remediate failed data validation test runs

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Pragmatic Workbench LegiTest Server | SentryOne
Pragmatic Workbench DOC xPress Server | SentryOne


DOC xPress Server makes it much easier to share documentation, lineage and data dictionary information in your organization. With the web-based user interface, you can provide access to all of your business and technical users, without requiring them to have a desktop installation.

  • View object dependencies and perform impact analysis
  • View and edit data dictionary information
  • Enable auto generation of documents triggered by snapshot completion

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