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Introducing SentryOne Cloud

The One solution for multi-cloud and hybrid environments


The SentryOne Cloud ensures the continuous delivery of accurate data to your stakeholders
and end users—with easy access, ease of use, and continuous updates.

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Optimize SQL Server performance

SentryOne Monitor delivers powerful capabilities including detailed metrics you need to find the root cause of performance problems.

  • View overall environment health in a overview that shows critical problems that need your attention now

  • Analyze key SQL Server and Windows metrics

  • Identify poor performing SQL queries

  • Analyze query plans in a graphical view

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Manage your entire data estate

SentryOne Document provides solutions for documenting databases, tracking data lineage, and scheduling metadata snapshots. 

  • Automatically document data sources, including SQL Server, SSIS, SSAS, Excel, and more

  • Analyze data lineage for compliance with business rules and privacy regulations

  • Preview impact of proposed database changes

  • Maintain current data dictionaries

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Test data throughout the dev cycle

SentryOne Test enables validation during development and QA, as part of the Master Data Management (MDM) process, and continuously validates production data.

  • Test SQL Server databases, SSIS packages, SSRS reports, SSAS cubes, Web services and more to validate the code you develop and ensure results are consistent

  • Quickly build tests with simple wizards

  • Build tests within Visual Studio

  • Reconcile and verify production data

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Instead of having to set up client access for each team member, with SentryOne Monitor you can give them a web link, and they can go in and immediately see what’s happening with database performance

—Joseph Fleming, Senior Consultant with Straight Path Solutions