DB Sentry: A Powerful Tool for Azure SQL Database Performance Monitoring


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DB Sentry boosts Azure SQL Database performance

Whether you're using Microsoft Azure SQL Database for your SaaS business, enterprise production, or development and testing, under- or over-provisioning resources can mean either a poor user experience or wasted budget.

DB Sentry helps you monitor performance metrics, including DTU usage, and be notified of events occurring on your system. 

DB Sentry gives you the ability to distinguish consistent performance patterns from anomalies, which is critical to ensuring your data platform delivers optimal performance for the end users of your applications.


Find and fix high-impact queries in Azure SQL Database


Identifying and resolving query performance bottlenecks is often a time consuming and frustrating task, but it doesn't have to be. The Top SQL view in DB Sentry provides the detailed information you need to easily troubleshoot query performance problems in Azure SQL Database.  

  • View T-SQL batches, stored procedures (RPCs), and statement events collected for the current date range that exceeded your minimum duration or other criteria (e.g., CPU percentage, CPU time in milliseconds)

  • Drill down into suspicious queries for more information

  • View historical procedure and statement executions by duration, CPU consumption, or IO usage

  • Analyze query execution plans

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With DB Sentry Azure SQL Database monitoring, you can stop playing the guessing game. Quickly discover and address performance problems across your Azure database environment.

DB Sentry Dashboard

DB Sentry gives you:

Azure SQL Dashboard

See your DTU usage, database size, memory usage, SQL waits, and more.


Get details about historical long-running and/or high-impact statements from procedure and query stats.

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Event Calendar

Visualize how specific activities might impact others and jump to run-time performance graphs, which show specific query performance trends and activity details.

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Plan Analysis and Query Tuning

Use the features and functionality of Plan Explorer to optimize queries and improve the performance of your Azure SQL Databases.

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Is SentryOne for You?

When you want to perform root cause analysis, get a grip on workload performance, or really understand the health of your data platform, SentryOne is the right solution to rapidly provide deep insight. SentryOne facilitates a DevOps culture and empowers your team’s agility, supporting your mission to constantly deliver value to the business through high-performance data systems.

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Boost Your Azure SQL Database Performance

When you pay for the data system resources you use, neither overestimating usage nor under-provisioning is a viable option. DB Sentry helps you  optimize performance by providing metrics you can use to better forecast resource allocation based on utilization.

Using DB Sentry within the SentryOne platform to monitor your Azure SQL Database gives you the ability to see transactions per second, diagnose performance problems with TopSQL, and optimize the data platform with Plan Explorer.

DB Sentry gives you everything you need to keep Azure SQL Database running at peak performance. 

At SentryOne, we are committed to ensuring our customers get the most from their data platforms. Our motivated customer success team will directly engage with you so you can start improving your data platform performance today.

DB Sentry Licensing


$90* per month for up to 5 databases

*Subscription pricing is based on a 12-month term paid in advance with automatic renewal at the end of term.

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For more information or if you have questions about upgrading, contact sales: 704-895-6241 | 855-775-7733 toll-free | sales@sentryone.com