DW Sentry: Azure SQL Data Warehouse Performance Monitoring Solution


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DW Sentry accelerates Azure SQL Data Warehouse performance.

DW Sentry gives you detailed visibility into the queries, loads, backups, and restores of all your data. With the event calendar and intelligent movement dashboard, you always know what factors are impacting workload.

If you're not monitoring Azure SQL Data Warehouse across your Microsoft data platform, then you're not seeing the whole data performance picture.

DW Sentry helps you get more value from your cloud-based data warehouse investment.


DW Sentry Dashboard

DW Sentry is the leading Azure SQL Data Warehouse performance monitoring solution.  It gives you:

Data movement dashboard

Identify data movement activity quickly and easily. Zoom in to pinpoint periods of activity, navigate to a relevant time period, and easily toggle between other SentryOne diagnostic and optimization tools.

Distributed queries

View details of each Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) query. Filter, sort, and group historical information, including query step details.

Loads, backups, and restores

View information about both in-process and historical events through the Loads, Backups, and Restores grid.

Intelligent alerting

Save time by using Advisory Conditions, which notify you about overall data system health, distributed query performance thresholds, as well as load and backup performance. Learn more

Event Calendar

See activities in a calendar format so you can quickly identify potential resource constraint problems in massively parallel processing (MPP) systems, where concurrency is an important aspect of performance. Learn more

Is DW Sentry for You?

If you are running Azure SQL Data Warehouse, then you need DW Sentry. With DW Sentry, you will accelerate your return on investment by increasing your data platform speed and efficiency. 

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Accelerate Your Azure SQL Warehouse Performance

Ensuring optimal performance of your Azure SQL Data Warehouses means you can deliver accurate, business-critical information to your end users.  DW Sentry gives your data team logically presented, actionable metrics to view the entire data warehouse environment so they can quickly identify bottlenecks that might cause delays. 

As part of the SentryOne platform, DW Sentry comes with the industry’s lowest overhead, so as you grow you will increase efficiency by minimizing additional overhead and costs.

Don’t get caught blindsided by performance issues across your data warehouse: Get DW Sentry to accelerate delivery of your business-critical data.

At SentryOne, we are committed to ensuring our customers get the most from their data platforms. Our motivated customer success team will directly engage with you so you can start improving your data platform performance today.

DW Sentry Licensing



$400* per month 

*Subscription pricing is based on a 12-month term paid in advance with automatic renewal at the end of term.

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