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Stop wasting time trying to fix SQL Server performance problems


Are you constantly fighting database performance fires, looking in vain for the root cause of SQL Server slowdowns?

Without the right information, you could waste valuable time looking in the wrong places for the answers to your performance problems.  You need accurate, actionable, detailed metrics to quickly identify and address database problems. With SQL Sentry, you can effectively monitor, diagnose, and optimize your entire database environment. SQL Sentry helps you get out of fire-fighting mode so you can keep your databases running continuously at peak performance.

SQL Sentry gives you the level of detail you need to find and fix SQL Server performance problems.


SQL Sentry Performance Analysis Dashboard

Powerful, scalable SQL Server database performance monitoring


See how SQL Sentry helps these database experts optimize SQL Server performance.

SQL Sentry is the flagship product in the SentryOne monitoring solutions set, and was built by SQL Server experts to help you save time and frustration in troubleshooting database performance problems.

SQL Sentry offers powerful capabilities in an intuitive dashboard that gives you an at-a-glance picture of your SQL Server environment health, and makes it easy to drill down for more details. 


Want to know exactly how SQL Sentry can help you end your SQL Server performance problems? Dive into the unique capabilities below.

Companies with the highest demands for database performance choose SQL Sentry

Unleash SQL Server performance with these powerful capabilities


SQL Sentry Performance Analysis Dashboard Screenshot


The Performance Analysis dashboard gives you relevant, actionable metrics so you can quickly troubleshoot SQL Server performance.

Performance Analysis Dashboard

View detailed performance metrics

See actionable performance information about your monitored servers in an easy-to-use Performance Analysis dashboard that displays a graphical view of monitored server activity with "Jump To" navigation that lets you drill down to granular details.


Fix high-impact SQL queries

Frustrated by the time and effort it takes to identify SQL Server queries and procedures that are causing performance bottlenecks? The Top SQL view in SQL Sentry shows execution plan diagrams, query history, and more, so you can find and fix potentially problematic queries. The query analysis capabilities in SQL Sentry go far beyond what you'll find in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), giving you the information you need to quickly resolve problems.

Top SQL Screenshot Compressed


Top SQL helps you analyze poorly performing queries that are slowing database performance.


Watch this two-minute tour of Advisory Conditions in SQL Sentry to see how you can proactively manage notifications.

Advisory Conditions

Set automated responses to specific conditions

Proactively manage SQL Server database performance and eliminate alert fatigue  with Advisory Conditions that let you set relevant, actionable alerts based on conditions specific to your environment. With Advisory Conditions, you can automate responses to specific conditions, such as the results of a T-SQL query, a WMI query, a performance counter value, or any combination of values or queries.

Deadlock Analysis

Resolve SQL Server deadlocks

Troubleshooting SQL Server deadlocks—where tasks are contending for resources—can be time-intensive and frustrating. Especially in complex deadlock situations, you could waste limited resources looking in the wrong place for the answer to the problem.

SQL Sentry Deadlock Analysis helps you quickly determine the root cause of the deadlock so you can restore the database to peak performance.


See how SQL Sentry Deadlock Analysis displays deadlocks in a visual format so you can quickly resolve the problem.


Watch a two-minute video of the Event Calendar in action.

Event Calendar

Manage SQL Server and Windows Events in a Visual Calendar

Want to get the full picture of when SQL Server jobs and Windows Scheduled Tasks are scheduled to run so you can resolve potential conflicts? The SQL Sentry Event Calendar gives you a visual display in an Outlook-style calendar so you can ensure that every task and job will have sufficient resources to complete. The Event Calendar is one of the ways SQL Sentry helps you manage your SQL Server database proactively, so you can avoid unexpected database slowdowns that can negatively impact the business.

SentryOne Portal

Access SQL Sentry performance data from your web browser

With the SentryOne Portal, you can view real-time and historical performance information for your monitored SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, and Windows targets in an easy-to-use web interface. The SentryOne Portal connects to your existing SentryOne database and includes core SQL Sentry capabilities, such as the Performance Analysis Dashboard, Top SQL, and Environment Health Overview.

Check out this video for an overview of the capabilities available in the SentryOne Portal. 

See how easy it is to deploy the Enhanced Platform Installer, which automates SentryOne updates.

Enhanced Platform Installer

Automate SentryOne updates 

The Enhanced Platform Installer automates SentryOne software updates, saving you time and resources while ensuring your SentryOne solutions remain up to date.

After deploying the Enhanced Platform Installer, you can install any future updates by downloading the latest upgrade package, which updates all SentryOne monitoring services and sets all SentryOne clients to update at the next start. This innovative approach gives enterprises with large SQL Server environments optimal control over the upgrade process while shortening the deployment time.

Explore more ways you can use SQL Sentry 

Monitor AlwaysOn 

SQL Sentry can automatically monitor AlwaysOn Availability Groups, which provide HA/DR capabilities in SQL Server. SQL Sentry gives you real-time insights into the state of your AlwaysOn environment. You can view the environment by Windows Server Failover Cluster node, by SQL Server instances, or by Availability Group.

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Optimize SQL queries 

Tune high-impact queries and plan a successful indexing strategy with Plan Explorer, which is integrated with SQL Sentry. Plan Explorer helps you troubleshoot poorly performing queries by giving you powerful index analysis capabilities, a visual display of query statistics, and query playback so you can see which operators are putting the most load on the system.

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Check environmental health 

The Environmental Health Overview in SQL Sentry gives you a snapshot of your SQL Server environment health so you can easily prioritize troubleshooting activities to keep your database running at peak efficiency. 

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Create event workflows

Managing multiple events such as SQL Server Agent jobs and Windows Scheduled Tasks to avoid resource contention across your environment can be challenging. SQL Sentry Event Chains help you create and analyze event workflows so you can identify and address potential performance problems.

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Track process-level data 

Want to get a clearer picture of how processes such as I/O, recompiles, cursor operations and other activities are affecting database performance? SQL Sentry QuickTrace gives you a comprehensive snapshot of activity created by combining process-level data and trace events collected during a brief sample period. 

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Simplify index analysis

Successfully analyzing and managing SQL Server indexes can be frustrating and time-consuming. SQL Sentry Index Analysis gives you a sandbox environment so you can explore the impact of various index strategies before you implement them.

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Monitor, diagnose, and optimize performance of enterprise data systems

SQL Sentry is the database performance monitoring solution of choice for Subway, Humana, Progressive Insurance, DocuSign—and many other companies with the highest performance demands for data delivery—because of unmatched scalability and enterprise-class capabilities, including Storage Forecasting. 

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Proven scalability

SQL Sentry has proven scalability far beyond competitors' products, with demonstrated success monitoring 800+ SQL Server instances with one monitoring database. Our innovative use of SQL Server technology to scale monitoring to large enterprise workloads was the focus of a Microsoft profile.  The article said that SentryOne "has shattered barriers to data ingestion and monitors its customer databases without impediment" and that SQL Sentry is built with current data management trends in mind.


Predict future storage needs

Hate being surprised by insufficient disk storage space, which could bring your databases to a standstill? Storage Forecasting in SQL Sentry takes the guesswork out of planning storage needs by applying machine learning to forecast daily usage for all storage volumes across servers, helping you proactively manage compute resources. The algorithms analyze workloads, fine-tune disk capacity forecasts, and provide intelligent reporting that can help prevent system downtime.

Monitor SQL Server on Amazon, Azure, or Linux

SQL Sentry offers comprehensive support for SQL Server running in any environment, including Amazon RDS, Amazon EC2, Azure SQL DB Managed Instance, and SQL Server on Linux. 

SQL Server on Linux

Running SQL Server on Linux? SQL Sentry provides powerful performance monitoring for SQL Server on Linux, whether you're running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, or Ubuntu.

Amazon RDS and EC2

SQL Sentry provides industry-leading performance monitoring for SQL Server running on Amazon RDS and Amazon EC2, giving you performance metrics that go beyond what you'll see in Amazon CloudWatch.

Azure SQL DB Managed Instance

Exploring shifting databases to Azure SQL Database Managed Instance? SQL Sentry provides comprehensive performance monitoring for Managed Instance, which lets you retained key features of on-premises SQL Server.

Why choose SQL Sentry?


Powerful, scalable monitoring

Monitor 800+ targets with no data loss

Predict future storage needs

Best Azure & AWS database monitoring

Unrivaled customer experience

Highest TrustRadius rating 

Free, video-based online training

100% customer satisfaction for support

SentryOne brings a lot more to the table than any other monitoring solution I've ever used, and I’ve used quite a number of them. The amount of data you can get in a reasonable amount of time at a comprehensive level of data on the performance of your system is phenomenal."

—Matt Slocum, Database Administration Manager, S&P Global

Ready to end your database performance problems?

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