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Build tests in minutes

Using the wizard functionality in  SentryOne Test (formerly LegiTest), you can build dozens of tests in minutes. Simply select the objects you want to test, and SentryOne Test will generate multiple tests covering common scenarios for that type of object.
For example, select two tables, and data tests are automatically created to verify the data between the two queries. Select a cube to test, and dozens of tests are created to validate the measures against the data warehouse.

Build tests in a familiar interface

Even if you have a more demanding test that isn’t covered by our wizard, SentryOne Test integrates into familiar tools so you can build tests in Visual Studio / SSDT. Because the tests are contained in a standard Visual Studio project, they can be checked into your source control system side-by-side with your other project assets.
You can build tests without any coding experience. The SentryOne Test user interface resembles other tools, like SSIS, where you simply drag the boxes onto the screen to create a testing workflow.
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Comparison Editor | SentryOne Test| SentryOne

Easily set up comparison tests

The Comparison Editor in SentryOne Test makes it fast and easy to set up comparison tests for your data. When comparing data from two sources, the Comparison Editor allows you to preview your results to ensure they are set up exactly the way you want them. Create comparisons across ADO.NET, OLE DB, ODBC and REST sources of data.

Use the query editor for advanced editing

The SentryOne Test query editor provides an advanced editing experience when connected to a Microsoft SQL Server or Azure SQL Database instance. You can select the connection from the drop-down at the top of the editor, which will load information about the schema of the database against which the query will run. The selection is remembered for the duration of the session.
Query editor features:
  • Code completion
  • Quick info
  • Refactoring
  • Parameter information
  • Column choosers
  • Synonym resolution
  • Shortcuts
  • Tab expansion
Query Editor | SentryOne Test| SentryOne

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