Task Factory Feature: Address Parse and Verification SSIS Components 

Address Parse and Verification

The Address Parse Transform cleans addresses and places data into standardized columns, helping with data de-duplication and deliverability of mail.

SolarWinds Task Factory provides dozens of high-performance SSIS components, including address validation components, that save you time and money by accelerating ETL processes and eliminating many tedious SSIS programming tasks.


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Address Parse Transform


Task Factory Address Parse Transform

The Address Parse Transform is used to parse unformatted address data and transforms it into USPS standardized address data. This feature is especially useful for data de-duplication efforts or master data management projects (such as non-standard address data comes in and proper address data comes out).

Feature Highlights

  • Transforms data into proper USPS standardized data format
  • Provides a data quality score
  • Retrieves the data from one or more columns to standardized clean columns

Task Factory Licensing Options

A Task Factory license is not required to use Task Factory when developing and running packages in Visual Studio/SSDT. However, a Task Factory license is required to use Task Factory for packages run outside of Visual Studio/SSDT.

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