Task Factory Feature: Excel SSIS Components 

Excel SSIS Components

The Task Factory Excel Source and Destination SSIS components read data from and write data to Excel. They can run on 64-bit machines and easily read metadata.

The Task Factory Power BI Refresh task refreshes your Excel Power BI queries and data.

Task Factory provides dozens of high-performance SSIS components, including Excel connectors, that save you time and money by accelerating ETL processes and eliminating many tedious SSIS programming tasks.

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Excel SSIS Source


Task Factory Excel SSIS Source

Reading data out of Excel can be a pain! The native Excel Source built into SSIS often has issues retrieving data on a 64-bit machine and can read the wrong data types from Excel.

The Excel Source in Task Factory solves for that.  It can read ranged data and gives you an easy to use preview to ensure you have the right amount of data. Most importantly, it reads data out of a spreadsheet with the right data type.

Feature Highlights

  • Reads data out of an Excel file on 64-bit machines
  • Can read from data ranges
  • Formats the data with the proper data types as data is read out

Excel SSIS Destination


Loading data into Excel can be a painful task. It's hard to control the formatting, and, often, things don't work on modern day machines in 64-bit.

The Excel Destination works natively with 64-bit machines while writing in data with the proper data types. As the destination is writing data, it can append or overwrite the existing data. It can also create an Excel table with more stylized data.

Feature Highlights

  • Loads data into an Excel spreadsheet in 64-bit mode
  • Specify the format of the data
  • Insert, append, or replace data
Task Factory Excel SSIS Destination

Excel Power BI Refresh Task


Task Factory Excel Power BI Refresh SSIS Destination

The Excel Power BI Refresh Task is a control flow component that refreshes an Excel file with Power Query connections and Power Pivot tables. It's especially useful if you have Excel files on a shared drive that you want to refresh regularly without having to purchase SharePoint.

Feature Highlights

  • Refreshes the data in Excel files with Power Query connections
  • Refreshes the data in Pivot Tables

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