Task Factory Feature: Upsert Destination SSIS Component 

Upsert Destination

Do you need to insert and update data into SQL Server or Oracle? The SolarWinds Task Factory Upsert Destination conditionally updates or inserts data up to 700x faster than the traditional SSIS pattern that employs row-by-row logic.

Task Factory provides dozens of high-performance SSIS components, including the Upsert Destination, that save you time and money by accelerating ETL processes and eliminating many tedious SSIS programming tasks.


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Conditionally Insert and Update (Upsert) Data with SSIS


Task Factory Upsert Data with SSIS

Use the easy Task Factory Upsert Destination which has been written specifically for performance and to speed up your development time. The component can be configured in seconds, and it can handle many more scenarios like looking for row differences or logging the number of inserts and updates to a variable.

Speed up your SSIS package run by up to 700x! Because there are no row-by-row operations to update data, Upsert Destination will take a load that might have taken an hour down to under a minute in many cases. Task Factory components use SSIS for what it's good for and SQL for what it's good at by using merge code behind the scenes and updating tens of thousands of rows in the time SSIS would have updated a single row.

Feature Highlights

  • Upsert data 700X faster into Oracle or SQL Server
  • Configures in seconds
  • Bulk updates by checking each column automatically or using a modified date
  • Can use the high-performance T-SQL MERGE statement to modify the data

Task Factory Licensing Options

A Task Factory license is not required to use Task Factory when developing and running packages in Visual Studio/SSDT. However, a Task Factory license is required to use Task Factory for packages run outside of Visual Studio/SSDT.

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