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Thousands of DBAs—and their businesses—save time and money with SQL Sentry, SentryOne's SQL Server monitoring tool. Are you interested in quantifying the value that SQL Sentry can bring to your business? Our easy-to-use ROI Calculator can help.

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What's Your ROI With SQL Sentry?

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Potential Downtime / Slowtime Mitigation Savings Per Yr.(if monitoring entire environment with SentryOne)
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SQL Sentry Potential ROI

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This calculator provides two primary forms of ROI:

  • DBA productivity gains
  • Potential downtime/slowtime reduction


DBA productivity gains are based on automation of manual daily monitoring and maintenance as well as reduced time to root cause analysis of critical issues as provided in actual SentryOne customer testimony and feedback.

On average, SentryOne Monitoring Platform customers report a 90% reduction in time spent in both manual maintenance and monitoring of servers, as well as time to root cause analysis of critical issues.  For example:

  • SentryOne performance monitoring and intelligent alerting capabilities gave Tableau a 90 percent reduction in time spent responding to database alerts, without adding performance overhead.
  • Using SQL Sentry, Subway reduced the time spent collecting data and diagnosing each production performance problem from an hour to about five minutes, a 92% reduction.

This enables them to devote more time and effort to strategic efforts such as data estate optimization, resulting in further value to their businesses.

See our case studies with Tableau Software, Republic Bank, and New Belgium Brewing for more information.


Potential downtime/slowtime expenses are derived from several sources including industry studies and SentryOne customer feedback on the cost of such events (based on company size as it relates to annual revenue).

Potential savings are calculated based on reported reduction of such events by an average of 40% year over year due to implementation of the SentryOne Monitoring Platform using our MDO methodology.