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Meet Us at PASS Summit for Data Day User & Partner Summit 2018!

You already know data drives your business and that continuous data delivery is crucial. Now you need to transform your data performance management process from reactive to proactive—and SentryOne is here to help. Join us on November 6 for our Data Day pre-con workshop—for SentryOne customers, partners, and anyone interested in improving data performance—where our team will share how to:

  • Develop a strategy for successfully migrating database workloads to the cloud 
  • Proactively monitor, diagnose, and optimize the Microsoft data platform to ensure business continuity
  • Find and fix performance problems with SQL Server Analysis Services to streamline data delivery
  • Empower DevOps teams to deliver accurate, fast-performing database applications with SSIS components and tasks, automated testing tools, and more
  • Seamlessly manage GDPR and other regulatory compliance requirements with document and metadata management solutions that include detailed data lineage and impact analysis
Check out the agenda and reserve your spot today!
Data Performance Management, Simplified

An independent analyst paper from Bloor Research highlights the synergies between the industry-leading SentryOne performance monitoring products and the newly acquired Pragmatic Works Software DevOps products.

All of these tools are intended to make your life easier, in the sense that they build on and extend the capabilities provided by Microsoft in SQL Server and related environments.” —Philip Howard, Bloor Research

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Prevent SQL Server Performance Problems Before Your Database Changes Roll Out to Production

Your database updates work great in your dev environment but cause significant performance problems in production. Sound familiar?

In this white paper, Kevin Kline, Paul Anderton, and Mark Allison share how uses SentryOne to help businesses detect SQL Server performance problems so that they can be fixed and re-tested while still in the development cycle.

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Webinar: Scale Your App Using Advanced SQL Server Features

You have an OLTP database application that sustains a heavy mixed workload with lots of read and write transactions and a client application that reports on the data. Performance was fine but is no longer optimal now that the app must scale to much higher workloads. What should you do?

Join Kevin Kline, Melissa Connors, Andy Mallon, and Rob Sewell Tuesday, August 28, for a real-world case study that walks you through how data compression, In-Memory OLTP, and partitioned clustered columnstore indexes affect database performance.  

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eBook: 5 Time-Saving SSAS Tips

We get it. Troubleshooting performance problems with SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) can be frustrating. That's why Steven Wright, SentryOne Director of Advanced Analytics, created this guide offering time-saving tips for boosting SSAS performance.

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Enterprise Integration: SentryOne, Splunk, and SNMP

SentryOne can serve as a valuable input into your company’s Splunk implementation. In his inaugural SentryOne team blog post, Seth Washeck walks you through the process of configuring SentryOne to send SNMP traps to Splunk.

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Run SSIS Packages in Azure Data Factory